A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. Oops… I mean Kauai.

Just before leaving for the airport, I was doing some last minute work at the top of the steepest hill on the Rainbow Shower property. I was just finishing it when I heard the neighbor’s dog bark. I had had an unwelcome encounter with that dog once before, so I hurried down the hill.

Alas, even though I was wearing my baseball shoes with cleats to help slow me down, there was no way. I felt like a runaway train.

So rather than crash into a guava tree at the bottom of the hill, I slid down on my chest, baseball style, as if trying to steal the second base. In the process, I glided over the root of a tree that was sticking across the trail. That probably accounts for my nose and lips scrapes.

Amazingly, other than a few scratches and bruises, there were no other major injuries.DSCF4090

In fact, I think that the fall helped adjust my right shoulder that I had dislocated last month while riding my tractor mower. Maybe it had hit the same root and received an automatic chiropractic adjustment? :-)

I told Elizabeth that I did ask the Spirit last night to help heal my shoulder. But I never expected them to be so creative in the way they did it. :-)

Oh, did I tell you that, when I slid to the “second base,” I was holding a machete in my left hand and a heavy hammer in my right? I managed to hang on to the machete, but the hammer slid down the hill. I had to go look for it afterward.

As a result, we arrived at the airport with half an hour to spare before our Kauai flight. And guess what, the Hawaiian Air told us we were too late. They took off 15 minutes EARLY!? Ever heard of anything like that before?

In all the millions of miles I have traveled around the world, I have never had the flight leave 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, knowing there were still passengers in the terminal with boarding passes in their hands.

Anyway, we are now (re)booked on a 6:12 PM flight. Which made it possible for us to come home and write this short story.

Silver lining? Elizabeth and I agreed that, since Maui is the most beautiful Hawaiian island, we might as well start our two-day vacation – AT HOME. :-


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