2013-09-05-13 Haleakala Sunset 014 Haleakala sunset 9-05-13


Earlier this week, Elizabeth and I were talking about the fact that people come here to Maui from all over the world to watch sunrises or sunsets at Haleakala volcano, Home of the Sun in Hawaiian, the Earth’s heart chakra and the inspirational fire vortex on this planet. And yet we – who live on Haleakala’s slopes – have never done it. True, we had gone to the summit many times, but never at sunset or sunrise.

We were a classic example of cobbler’s kids go barefoot.  So yesterday afternoon, on spur of a moment, we decided to rectify that. This has been an extraordinarily hot and humid summer for us. We are used to humid for it implies rain showers. They refresh the air and cool things off. Not this year. Most afternoons, the temperature at our Rainbow Shower home is around 90F (we have no AC here; most Hawaiian homes don’t have it).

So it was around 4:45 PM, as Elizabeth was roasting some of our Rainbow Shower coffee in the peak heat of the day, that I suggested to her that we jump into our open air Jeep, which we dubbed “El Jeepo,” and drive up the volcano to Haleakala’s summit for a sunset viewing.

“The secondary benefit will be that we’ll get to cool off,” I added. (The Haleakala summit is at about over 10,000 ft elevation).

She agreed.  We each put on long pants and long sleeve shirts. Elizabeth also took a windbreaker with a hood. I only packed a windproof vest. And so off we went.

No sooner did we round the corner out of our neighborhood to the main road up the mountain, when we noticed a large cloud blocking our view of the summit. With Haleakala, you never know what to expect. There had been times before when we would leave home on a perfectly clear day and arrive at the summit completely enveloped in fog and clouds.

“Well, we’ll always get our secondary benefit,” I tried to look for a silver lining in this dark cloud. “We’ll get to cool off.”

I was not kidding. Three ours later, on our way down the volcano through the darkness of the night, we were both shaking and shivering even through we had each three layers of clothes on us (I had commandeered a large beach towel at the summit to use it as a poncho). 🙂  By the time we made it back home a little after 8PM, our fingers were literally tingling.

“Are we getting a frost bite?” Elizabeth asked.

“Hardly,” I replied. “Just a little bit of hypothermia due our prolonged exposure to cold and wind.  It’ll pass.”

And it did. We don’t know what the temperature at the top was. My guess would be around 40F. But with the windchill factor, it was probably in the 20s F.

Anyway, as you will see from the photos we took, it was all worth it. At sunset, we were just high enough to be slightly above the clouds. So Father Sun (Akala in Hawaiian) did make his final appearance of Sep 5 at his Earthly home (Hale = home).

Magical Orbs of Unconditional Love, Inspiration Prove Hawaiian Legends, Culturally Connect Haleakala with Machu Picchu to Lemuria

IMG_2455 2013-09-05-13 Haleakala Sunset, Maui DSCN8081

Once at the summit, there was plenty of magic despite the big wall of clouds that lay between us and the west. For, as the Sun hovered above the clouds for a few minutes before disappearing behind them, some magical violet and golden orbs showed up. Nor were they just some optical illusions. The above two shots, for example, were taken with two different cameras from two different positions at two different times of the sunset.  Golden and violet orbs are visible in each.

IMG_2447 2013-09-05-13 Haleakala Sunset 017

What does that mean? It is a physical proof of the ancient Hawaiian mysticism and legends – that Haleakala as both the Home of the Sun and, as the Earth Heart Chakra, the source of  Unconditional Love which it radiates all over the world. (That’s what the golden orbs represent – Unconditional Love).

And these photos also show that Haleakala is the the place of Inspiration (which is what the violet ray of Saint Germain signifies – see the BACKGROUND NOTES below).  According to Hawaiian legends, God “Maui stood atop the volcano and lassoed the sun. He held the sun captive until the sun agreed to pause over Haleakala each day, and bless the earth with a special transmission of the Solar Logos.”

IMG_1512 IMG_0808-1

See another link between the Polynesian and Andean (Inca) cultures? Anybody who has been to Machu Picchu will surely remember the Inti Watana (Hitching Post of the Sun).  Same thing. The Inca wanted to lasso the sun at Machu Picchu and tie it to a stone post (shown with yours truly during one of my earlier visits to this sacred Inca capital).

Which is another lasso which connects the Inca and the Hawaiian (Polynesian) cultures and ties them to their common origin – LEMURIA!

New Lemuria Solar Chakra

See what I mean what I said the frigid ride in our El Jeepo was worth freezing our butts and fingers off? You never know what you may learn and where and how. 🙂

IMG_2450 IMG_2452 2013-09-05-13 Haleakala Sunset 027 IMG_2456

Haleakala sunset panorama 2 IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2454


Haleakala, on whose slopes the Rainbow Shower property and the tree lie, is the global vortex-center for element of Fire (right chart).


NOTE: The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. It correlates with the area on your planet called Haleakala. Haleakala is a volcano in Maui, Hawaii. If we had to pinpoint it, we would say that Haleakala is the emanation point of that energy. It is there that the energy of the heart, or of unconditional love, is being radiated into the mass consciousness. When one visits this area, it is natural that the heart chakra opens very wide.

Of course, those of you who are interested in dolphins know that there are quite a lot of dolphins in that area. A lot of them are there for that heart energy, for dolphins help humans to open their hearts. We would say that the dolphins are also the first conscious mammals who accept that heart energy for the planet (an excerpt from World Power Spots).

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