There is never a dull moment at the Rainbow Shower. Last night after my midnight prayers and incantations, I was bitten by a centipede while closing up the spa cover.  I stepped on it in the dark. Its venomous fangs got me at the soft sole of my right foot. They left two clear marks. Like a snake bite. centipede-back-legs

Ouch! I would not wish it on anyone. It hurt like hell. I iced it immediately but still could not go to sleep for a couple of hours. Eventually I got about a 4-hour wink.

The foot is feeling better now , don’t worry.  It still hurts, but a lot less than during the night. It was the first time ever that I have been bitten by a centipede.  But I have heard many a Hawaiian story about how painful it is.

As Elizabeth was helping me ice the bite spots last night, I was joking that now I am a bona fide Hawaiian – inoculated into the culture by a centipede. 🙂 Guess that’s just so that I would not forget our Yin home while spending time in the desert at our Yang property (see Heading Home to Our Eagle’s Nest).


Well, this morning, we received the second part of our farewell gifts – beautiful rainbows. They appeared both indoor and outdoor.

Didn’t know there were indoor rainbows? Well then, take a look… this shot was taken at my office desk. Notice that the colors are reversed? (red is at the bottom).

Indoor Farewell Rainbow 9-07-13

Frankly, the outdoor rainbows were more miraculous, a true blessing. We have not had any rain for several weeks. The ground was really parched. Just last night, in a message to the neighbors, I said I would pray for rain. And then it came. And it is still raining as I write this.

As I said, a true blessing…

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