Rainbow Shower 9-09-13

Elizabeth and I leave for Arizona in a few hours. We could not have wished for a more beautiful send off.  A little rain shower earlier this morning after a long drought made everything sparkle. And the Rainbow Shower (tree), after which the property was named, has just started to bloom in a big way.

Yes, starting to bloom in September! As if it were in the southern hemisphere where it is almost springtime now. But no, I don’t believe that’s the reason. I have lived in Australia and have never seen or heard of a Rainbow Shower tree there.

I think the new bloom on the Rainbow Shower manifests in a 3D world what is happening on our planet at this moment: awakening, ascension. The entire planet is blooming as we are raising our vibration to the fifth dimensions – plants, animals, minerals, humans… everything.

Rainbow Shower radiation 1

Of course, not every Rainbow Shower tree is necessarily like this one. Most of them here on the island had bloomed long ago (June-July). But I have always felt that this was a special tree. Which is why I named our property after it as soon as I saw it.

Look at the sign of the serpent or dragon, for example. It was a mark burned into the lawn like a crop circle the Spirits etched under the tree as we entered 2012 last year. It reflected the shape of the tree’s crown, like an outline shadow (which is what I marked on the photo).

This year, on the other hand, I noticed the first bloom on Aug 22 as I was doing the Freedom Day ceremony under the tree. That’s where the Portal of Infinite Wisdom is located (see WELCOMING FREEDOM DAY ON PLANET EARTH).  It was the day nearly one million of the Reptilians had left the planet and were accepted into Light.

Furthermore, my Spirit guidance today came through the Mystic medicine card of Activation. It contains the image of the Rainbow Blesser. In the Yi Jing/I Ching ancient Book of Changes, the corresponding sign is Earth-over-Earth. The Rainbow Blesser and Mother Earth are delivering similar messages to us today as they did on Aug 3 (right):#2 Oracle

2 – Activation (Rainbow Blesser):  “Trust the magic of your heart.”

2 – K’un / The Receptive – Earth over Earth:  “Just as there is only one heaven, so too there is only one earth. The earth in its devotion carries all things, good and evil, without exception. In the same way the superior man gives to his character breadth, purity, and sustaining power, so that he is able both to support and to bear with people and things.”

So we leave this Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth – our Yin home – with our hearts full of Love, the love for our Yin home – the Rainbow Shower, the love for the beautiful Hawaiian islands – the New Lemuria, the love for Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean), and of course the love for the Creator – the source of Infinite Love.

So off to the desert we go, our Yang home…

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