Man in Owl Tree

A man in our “Owl tree?” Yes. It is not a mirage. Today was a tree-trimming day at Eagle’s Nest. And not just any itsy-bitsy trees.  One huge (above) and two big Mesquite trees have been cut back to about the roof level of our house.

Storm_damage9_4_06 002

It was the first time in at least 10 years that these trees have been trimmed. The giant Mesquite in the above shot was precariously close to the fence.  In fact, it was nearly uprooted by a mini-tornado we had here seven years ago (see Big Storm).  Another Mesquite in my front yard was actually toppled and fell on the garage roof and the front entrance (see Sep 2006 pics). 

Storm_damage_back9_4_06 001 Storm_damage_back9_4_06 003

Since that time, of course, the tree has gotten much bigger and heavier at the top. So the idea today was to cut it back to a manageable height so it would no longer be a safety hazard, but not to kill it and remove it. We are hoping that over time, the Mesquite will green over again. Most things do in the desert. And then we’ll just need to keep it trimmed every year.  That’s the plan anyway.

Here’s today’s work in progress…

IMG_2498 IMG_2499

And here’s now the finished product, a shot taken around 3PM.

IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 This is a neighbor’s tree. So we could only trim the big limb that hung over our side of the property.

Our three-man work crew worked non-stop for about 8 hours to get to this stage. As one who occasionally wields a chainsaw himself at the Rainbow Shower gulch, I could not help but marvel at this crew’s skill, flexibility and strength. At times, they were hanging off of a limb by one arm, while using the other to hold a chainsaw and cut the same branch further up the crown of the tree.

Of course, I gave them each a nice tip at the end of a long day.


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