Finally, I am coming around to continue posting travelogues from our road trip to New Mexico. Day 2 – Oct 2. A short drive from Tamaya to Santa Fe. And then a full day and night in this cultural jewel of New Mexico.

Santa Fe_St Francis-w Santa Fe St Francis

After a visit to the lovely Basilica of St Francis, which has 15 Stations of the Cross painted on its walls – a perfect visual backdrop for my corresponding music, we walked to the center of town – the Plaza.  While Elizabeth was hopping around the plaza, I made friends with Luis Alfredo, an Ecuadoran flute-maker and musician who was playing in the park.


Soon, we were playing together. Me, on a bass flute that Luis said he had made especially for shamanic use. He, on one of his smaller creations.  I walked away from the park with the new Andean flute. When Luis heard I was a shaman, he made me a really good deal.

Later, I made this video with the flute featured in it:

And now, here are some other Santa Fe scenes…

Santa Fe Plaza 10-02-13 Central plaza of Santa Fe – click to enlarge

IMG_2566 IMG_2561  Bob Santa Fe 10-02-13 IMG_2567 Leaves were starting to turn…

IMG_2557 IMG_2556

IMG_2568 Bob Flute 10-02-13DSCF4258 This is the theater at which we discovered the Hungarian State Dance Ensemble would be performing the following night. So on a spur of the moment, we bought the tickets and decided to come back to Santa Fe the next evening, after a day’s drive through the mountains around Taos.

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