IMG_0656 (photo in my hotel room)

I am just back from a weekend trip to Sedona. Elizabeth is visiting her family in Virginia these days, so I used the time to catch up with some of my old friends in Sedona.

And what a glorious time we had. The weather was absolutely perfect. This morning, we went out for a hike on the Teapot Trail (you’ll see why it was named that from the pics). Gorgeous scenery everywhere. I came home with over 90 photos and a short, funny video (see below).  It will take me some time to edit all the pictures.

On my way back home to Scottsdale this afternoon, I drove through Jerome, a famous Arizona old mining town, now a virtual museum. And then I went on across the Mingus Mtn 7,000-foot pass, and then down and through Prescott.

For now, here are some select panorama views of Sedona, Jerome and Prescott… just to whet your artistic appetite (click on the pics to enlarge):

Sedona sunset_Panorama1 Sedona Teapot Trail panorama 1

Jerome_Panorama1 IMG_2739

The colors of turning leaves at the Prescott Yavapai County courthouse, in the town’s main square, were incredible.  Everything was sparkling in bright sunlight.

IMG_2758 Prescott_Panorama3Prescott 10-20-13 Prescott_Panorama2

Stand by for more pics…

And now, here’s that funny video filmed this morning in Sedona:

“Jeep” (actually Toyota) 4WD Ready for Battle in Sedona

And now, here are some still shots of that battle-worn and battle-ready Jeep a.k.a. Toyota…

IMG_2705 IMG_2704 IMG_2703


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