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Blood Orange Tree Decides to Bloom Now Thinking It’s in Australia; Gypsy Music Enveloped and Embalms All These Seemingly Unrelated Happenings

This morning, it all came together… solar eclipse, the new Peacock Angel from Mexico and three White Eagle feathers landed on a tree and wall this morning. A new Blood Orange tree we planted only a few weeks ago decided to bloom.  Guess it must have assumed that it is in Australia or New Zealand where it is springtime now.

And all that happened in between the various recordings of my Gypsy music creations.

The best part? None of this was planned. Everything happened spontaneously. I just had to follow the signs and not resist the guidance I was receiving.

The eagle feather sculpture instantly became a part of the new Eagle’s Nest logo. And the Peacock Angel assumed its dominant position atop the tallest tree stump left after our trimming back in September.

Eagle Nest logo 2 Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 12.42.16 PM

You can see here the process of the Peacock Angel’s “landing” on top of that tree this morning. I lifted it up to the fence and then pass it on like an Olympic torch to Joe, Elizabeth’s son-in-law. He placed in on top of the tree.

IMG_2805 IMG_2804  IMG_2802   IMG_2809 IMG_2807 IMG_2799 IMG_2797 IMG_2796

You can see Joe above putting the finishing touches to the wires securing the Peacock Angel atop the tree.

The peacock sculpture actually sways and rocks in the wind, as do some of the owls which landed on our other tree stump about a week or so ago.

And now a story behind the story. A few weeks ago, I said to Elizabeth, “let’s both think about how we can use those two tree stumps for art display.”

Last weekend, the owl idea came to me. Because we named place Eagle’s Nest. we kept looking for a large eagle sculpture to put on top of that bigger tree. Alas, we could not find any. Then on Saturday, as we set out to look some more for it in Cave Creek, we happened upon a Wild West festival.

DSCF4261 DSCF4266 DSCF4263 DSCF4264

In the midst of all this hullabaloo and gunfights, I happened to have spotted a large three white eagle feather sculpture mounted high up on a ceiling of an antique shop. I had to get the owner to climb up to get it down for me. Judging by the amount of dust on it, it must have been there since the real Wild West days. 🙂

I bought the feathers without realizing why.  In fact, looking at them from the much darker back side, I thought at first they were three leaves. 🙂 Then gradually, the Spirit revealed to me why they found me and I bought them.

White Eagle is one of my most active spirit guides. These feathers symbolize his patronage and protection of Eagle’s Nest our home. That is what the Spirit wanted us to have, not an eagle sculpture.

Then as I Elizabeth, her granddaughter and I were strolling among some other Cave Creek shops and exhibits, I noticed this peacock sculpture on the ground gently swaying in the wind.  It was made in Mexico.  I was attracted to it instantly. Again, I did not know why at first.

After looking around at some other shops, I returned to the peacock sculpture and bought it still not knowing why. My intention was to somehow put it on top of that tall tree stump. Just how I was to accomplish that was still a mystery to me. I just asked for Spirit’s help. And it arrived in the form you saw above.

Then this morning, as I took those pictures of the Peacock at the time of the solar eclipse (which was not actually visible here in Arizona), the penny dropped. This is the Peacock Angel. The Peacock Angel was the first and the oldest deity to show himself to me at the start of my spiritual journey.

In fact, for about the first two years, I was infatuated by peacocks. And vice versa.  A real live bird literally crossed a busy road in Kihei (Maui) trying to come to me back in April 2009.  The oldest tribe known to man on this planet, the Yezidis, believed that all life on this planet started when the Peacock Angel landed in the area that is now known as Kurdistan. You can check out here a short video about them:

In learned all of that back in early 2008 and, in fact, saw a resemblance between the Abbott’s Kitchen tower at Glastonbury, England, and the Yezidi spires. I wrote about that during my Crop Circles tour in July 2008.

And now, the Peacock Angel from Mexico has assumed the highest guardian position at Eagle’s Nest in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hail to the Angel!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 12.42.16 PM


I said earlier that the Peacock Angel sways and rocks in the wind. Well today, Elizabeth and I made a short video to illustrate that as the Peacock and I honored each other.

Honoring the Peacock Angel at Eagle’s Nest


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