Pinnacle Peak East 11-08-13

On Friday (Nov 8), I went on another bike-hike-bike Pinnacle Peak quest. Compared to my Camelback Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 6.57.35 PMmarathon-and-a-third (33 miles) pilgrimage last week, this one does not appear as difficult. It’s “only” 16 miles round trip.  Plus about a 400 ft vertical elevation hike to the summit of the trail from which the above photo was taken (see the map).

What makes the Pinnacle Peak quest challenging, however, is the bike portion. It is a 7.5 mile non-stop uphill ride to overcome the 800 ft vertical elevation difference between Eagle’s Nest, our North Scottsdale home, and the trailhead parking lot (from 1,700 ft to 2,500 ft elevation). That may not seem like much to a Tour de France rider. But it is to me. And that’s just to get to the point where one begins the hike up the mountain.  Which in comparison to the bike portion of the quest is quite cinchy.

Anyway, there is a wonderful reward when you reach the summit. The nearly 360-degree views are spectacular. Here are two composite panorama shots to the west and to the east.

Pinnacle Peak_Panorama_West11-08-13

Pinnacle Peak_Panorama_East11-08-13

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