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Usually I am the one who receives Prayer Requests from people who need healings by the Spirit.  Today, however, I am here to ask for a prayer from you. Not for me, of course. For Theresa, Elizabeth’s eldest daughter. She is one who actually fixed up Elizabeth and me on a blind date over five years ago.Theresa Lawrence

Eight days ago (Nov 18) this beautiful 42-year old mother of four was struck by an aneurysm. Theresa’s 7-year old daughter called 911. Her mother was first taken to the emergency of the nearest hospital in Scottsdale. Which transferred her the same evening to another hospital in Phoenix that specializes in neurosurgery.

Theresa had brain surgery the following day. The doctors have repaired the damage from the aneurysm. But there is a fistula (abnormal blood vessel) they could not get to because it was too small. So Theresa will need radiation after a couple of weeks or so, after she recovers first from the surgery.

Up until how, Theresa has been “in perfect health.” At least that’s what she and others had thought. Above is a photo of Theresa with her eldest son Lawrence (25) taken at their beauty salon (of which she is the owner) three days before the aneurism struck her.

Elizabeth had been spending the daylight hours with her every day.  The rest of the family have also been rallying doing various things to help.

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Theresa is back home now.  She is in stable but still critical condition. Elizabeth and Theresa’s family are caring for her as best as they can. If you feel like it and want to help, Elizabeth and I would appreciate your prayers for Theresa.

This morning, I did a special ceremony to initialize an amulet from the Big Island with Pele’s healing powers which I then took to Theresa. I had also done a healing ceremony for her the night she was taken to the hospital (Nov 18). I had also asked another shaman-friend and others to join me.Theresa May 2013

I have just returned from Theresa’s apartment.  When I came home home, I was guided almost physically by an invisible hand to my Yamaha Clavinova.  I don’t know why, but felt I should record what happens next. So I turned on my cameras.  I had no idea what this was about until I started playing.

Turns out it was Chopin’s “Valse d’Amour” (Waltz of Love).  That’s the healing music the Spirit sent Theresa’s way through my keyboard. I played it with the full orchestra in one breath, without rehearsal or even a warm-up. So it is technically less than perfect.  But I hope that the love from the heart that went into it makes up for it.

Here it is now, Chopin’s “Valse d’Amour” for Theresa: Musical “Get Well” Card

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