Xmas card 2013


Two years ago, Elizabeth and I recorded our first Christmas message.  We had just returned from New York. So the message was colored with the impressions from the Big Apple (see Christmas Message 2011 by Bob & Elizabeth (Dec 13, 2011).

This time around, our message is more spiritual. And I think more profound. The video you are about to watch was filmed at both of our homes – at Eagle’s Nest in Arizona and at the Rainbow Shower in Maui.  But the message was the same: “LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST”; “BE HAPPY AND SHARE THE JOY WITH OTHERS.”

These profound words were actually spoken by Elizabeth during our filming in Arizona. All I could do it second them and add to it that one must learn to trust and follow one’s intution. Because it comes from the heart. Which is our connection to the Spiritual realm and the Divine guidance.

Serpent Column

Serpent ColumnOne more thing before I let you see this short film.

When I was designing our Christmas light display this year, specifically the Serpent Column (left), I did not realize that I was actually connecting the celestial and the earthly realms (see the images of the Sun and the Moon). Nor was I consciously aware that I was also linking up to my parallel lifetimes as Emperor Constantin and  Monk Theodosius of Delphi, Greece.  That connection was made through the recreation of the Serpent Mound, a famous artifact from Delphi which Constantine had had transferred to Constantinople, where is still stands (right).

It was only during the editing of this film that I realized that the red and blue serpent I created with the Christmas lights is a connection to that artifact and to the two of my lifetimes from nearly 1,700 years ago.

And you will see a similar link with Master Sphinx, who has been one of the most active Spirit guides for me here on Maui.

And now, here’s our Christmas 2013 Christmas message.  Enjoy!

* * *

And now, here are some still shots from the making of this film:

Xmas Lilghts 12-16-13

Merry Xmas AZ 2013 Happy Holidays 2013 AZ Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.49.21 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.52.23 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.21.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.50.34 PM

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