My heart jumped when I opened the door of my bedroom this morning (Dec 18). A big fat rainbow was streaming up from the ocean toward the blue sky. It was the first morning rainbow I have seen since coming back to Maui 6 days ago.

This is supposed to be a rainy season for us. But the ground here is as parched as the Arizona desert (minus the cacti, of course).  So this rainbow seemed to be saying to me this morning – “yes, the Rainbow Giver, you are really back home now at the Rainbow Shower.”All You Need Is Love poster 2

My racing heart’s next thought was that in an hour or so, I am supposed to have my new Yamaha Clavinova delivered here at the Rainbow Shower. Mark Hachenberg, the same Tucson dealer from whom I bought my Arizona musical delight (right), has had another identical top-of-the-line model shipped to me here in Hawaii.

I can’t wait to try it.  The acoustics at the Rainbow Shower are amazing.


Right after I had posted the first picture of the rainbow and the story about the upcoming Clavinova delivery, I noticed some misting in the air. I went out on the lanai expecting to see a rainbow. And boy, what a sight it was. It was a giant double. Take a look. It took two frames to capture it in this composite shot.

Double rainbow 12-18-13

I then remembered that during my midnight prayers last night, I did ask the Spirit for rain. Not for my sake. For the sake of all the plants and animals around here.

And now, here’s another double EVENING rainbow from last year, which I turned into the Rainbow Shower logo. This photo was taken from the other side of our gulch, looking to the east, toward our home.

Rainbow Shower WordPress logo

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