Christmas Day 2013 rainbowDSCF4382


If someone asked me to describe a perfect Christmas Day, I would use today as the model. It started and finished with rainbows and misty rain. The rest of it had everything a human heart could desire in nature – sun, surf, turf, beach… God even laid on a Christmas Tree – Maui-style (above) :-).

IMG_0960 IMG_0961 IMG_0962

It was a White Christmas, of course. This is Hawaii.  The only thing white on this perfect Christmas were the snowy whitecaps kicked up by the ocean breezes or the breaking waves.  And the dainty white mushrooms that came up on our lawn.

IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0964 IMG_0967

After a decidedly “Yang” Solstice experience on Haleakala on Dec 21, Christmas Day was just as decidedly my “Yin”-day.  It was ruled by the ocean and the gentle land our Mothers, Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean) and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Initiation & Rebirth & Compassion: That’s What Christmas Is About, Not Shopping

I was told by the Spirit this morning I could expect an initiation today. Guess it was a baptism – initiation by water, a rebirth.

“Of course, it is,” the penny dropped just now as I was writing these lines. “For, this is first and last about a birthday.”

It is a celebration of a new life, a birthday of a very special boy over 2,000 years ago.  This day is not about making the merchants happy by going on an annual shopping spree. Nor is it about helping the economy, as Wall Street wants us to think. Those are the beliefs the modern-day con artists have instilled in us.

Sixteen years ago, I told my children that as I explained why they would no longer be getting any presents. That instead, I was hoping that in our family, we will all be giving year round our love, compassion and support to those who are less fortunate (see “Materialism without Idealism,” 1997, and Heartwarming Christmas Stories I (Feb 1998) and II (Dec 2000) for some of the results of that Dec 1997 family sermon].

moscow-1  moscow-2

And then I also realized why, when I talk to children about Christmas even now, I tell them that Nina Gonchareva gift Xmas 2013story about why my children are not getting any Christmas presents. I did it last night to an 8-year old boy, for example, at a neighbor’s Christmas Eve dinner to which I was invited. And I did it to three of Elizabeth’s grandchildren of similar ages at our Christmas/Going Away party in Arizona on Dec 8. I was not trying to preach. These stories just came out spontaneously at a right time.

And then as if to underscore all this, just as I got to this point of the story, I saw an email I received from Siberia. It included a poem on a Christmas card from Nina Goncharova, a Steward of the Earth from Novosibirsk, Russia, wrote (above right). When I wrote back to thank her, I also said that I would include it in my Christmas story.

And then I just opened a similar note I received from Maria Cristina Buiar Bordignon in Brazil.  So there are many other people around the world who understand this day is about love and compassion, not shopping and gifts. And our numbers are growing…

A “Yin”-day with Mother Ocean

Kapalua Bay beach panorama 12-25-13Ever since I woke up, I felt the urge to be near or in the ocean. Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean) was calling.  And for the first time in months, into the ocean I went indeed. I did it at the beautiful Kapalua Bay beach (right).  Which also served my initiation into Maui 26 years ago. That ‘s where my younger daughter and I arrived for our first ever visit to Maui.

I did not even have a swim suit. I just dropped my jeans and swam in my skivvies. Which I discarded afterward to the back of my “El Jeepo.”

Balance between the opposites. That’s what we are to seek, the Spirit message told us on Dec 21. Well, after today’s (ocean) and the Solstice (sun and fire) experiences, I certainly do feel better balanced. Maybe you will, too, after you have had chance to view this video and peruse the still shots from this Christmas Day.

So here we go… Christmas Day 2013, the “perfect Christmas:”

* * *

And now, here are some still shots from this magnificent day…

Kahului Bay_Panorama1 Elizabeth B&B_Panorama1NE Maui_Panorama1 Blow Hole 12-25-13 Molokai_Panorama1 Lanai Molokai 12-25-13 West Maui_Panorama1 Kapalua_Panorama1 Kapalua_Panorama2 Lahaina 12-25-13-1


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