Blow Holes Hawaii Ontario 12-25-13

You have seen what the Perfect Christmas looked like in Hawaii this year.  Now, take a look at the real White Christmas in the truth north – Ontario, Canada. One of my oldest friends, Warren McCarthy, who now lives in Cobourg, Ontario, a lovely town about 60 miles east of Toronto, sent me some marvelous shots he took on Christmas Day around his and Cindy’s lakeshore home.

They just go to show us that beauty can be found everywhere, not just on the beaches of Hawaii or the Caribbean. And how a Yin-Christmas can be enjoyed both in the north and the south of this planet.

For all the differences in scenery between the Christmas Day in Maui and in Ontario, there are some similarities. Take a look at the two blowholes.

Warren Xmas 2013 Blow Hole DSCF4380

And then enjoy the rest of Warren’s shots…

Warren Xmas 2013-2 Warren Xmas 2013-1 (Warren & Cindy’s home -leftmost shot)

Warren Xmas 2013-3 Warren Xmas 2013-6 Sailboat Christmas trees – right

Warren Xmas 2013-5 Warren Xmas 2013-7(Ice Eagle’s claws? – right)


  1. That boy (Warren McCarthy) is the Greatest, talented and accomplished in what ever he chooses.
    Love him to death. Enjoy your site very much.
    (found while searching for information for Warrens genealogy file)
    From his (young) older Sister, Carol : )

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