Surf AvalancheMinor storm rolls in huge waves from afar


Minor storm rolls in huge waves from afar

IMG_0835 IMG_0849

Minor storm blows in huge waves from afar

It has been several years since we have seen waves this big on the north shore of Maui. In the last few days, a minor storm from the southwest has rolled in water mountains of 40-50 feet. And our neighborhood on the north shore has once again become the magnet of the whole Valley Isle.

When the surf is up like this, it seems as if half the island moves to the north shore during daylight hours. Hundreds of cars are parked every which which way everywhere along Hana Hwy, even on private property. Some enterprising homeowners are charging $5 dollars for parking. Others have set up temporary fruit stands for the big surf gazers. For the rest of us, it’s mostly a nuisance, a disruption of our seren daily routines.

Now we understand what it must feel like on game day to live near a ballpark. Two days ago, it took us 1.5 hours to drive from the Rainbow Shower into Kahului. Normally, that’s about a 20-minute trip. The silver lining? We used the stop-and-go traffic as an opportunity to snap pictures of the magnificent shoreline around Ho’okipa Point as we inched our way forward.

Hookipa surf 1-22-14 Hookipa Surf_Panorama1-22-14 (1)IMG_0855 IMG_0837 IMG_1132 IMG_1128 IMG_1127 Hookipa Surf_Panorama1-22-14 IMG_1122 IMG_1115

The Jaws opens its mouth to huge waves

The Jaws is one of the world’s greatest surfing spots. And the most dangerous. Which is why it was named The Jaws, I suppose. One wrong move, one bad judgment call, and the surfer gets swallowed up like a sardine by huge waves.  Over four years ago, we watched an entire big surfboard crushed like a piece of cardboard under tons of white mountains that collapses upon it, like avalanches mowing everything in their way rolling down the slopes (see Christmas Spectacular 2009 at Jaws and From High Turf to High Surf (Sep 2010).

Surf Avalanche

Yesterday morning (Jan 23), Elizabeth and I jumped into El Jeepo and joined the “madding crowds” of Mauians participating in the Surf Happening of 2014. The Jaws is about four miles away from the Rainbow Shower.

The “road” to The Jaws, actually a muddy trail that admits only 4WD vehicles as price of admission to the The Jaws spectacle, was jammed packed.  Cars, trucks, ATVs, pedestrians and horseback riders were all drawn to The Jaws as if by a giant magnet.  Once we got there, we saw a flotilla of boats watching the spectacles from the calmer side of the cove. From the air, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and even helicopter-cameras were recording this wonder of nature.

Although there a fair number of would-be surfers bobbed safely on big waves a safe distance before they break, Elizabeth and I witnessed only three surfers who were brave enough to challenge the surf giants. Two of the three crashed, swallowed up by the avalanches of water.  The jet ski rescuers rushed it and pulled them out of the jaws of The Jaws to safety.

And now, take a look at this video I shot on location, and the still shots that follow…

* * *

The Jaws Photo Gallery (Jan 23, 2014)

IMG_1140 IMG_1147 IMG_1138 IMG_1141  IMG_1149 IMG_1148 Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 2.07.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 2.07.35 PM IMG_1146 IMG_1146 (1)

The Turf: Rainbow Shower spruced up

And what about the Turf?  Well, the day before the storm arrived (Jan 22), I finished the sprucing up of the Rainbow Shower’s Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, the sacred place at its center which is also the heart of the Solar Chakra of this planet (see On Evolution of Planet, Rainbow Shower and On Evolution of the AHA-Sacred Site (May 18, 2012). And this was a result…

IMG_1111 IMG_1112

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