Exactly one week after attending a marvelous performance of “La Traviata” opera, we were back at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. Only this time, there was no rain. It was a perfect evening with temperatures in the low 70s. And the occasion was a Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch.203x261-hamlisch

On our way there, I told Elizabeth about a similar concert eight years ago when I had the privilege to see and hear Marvin himself perform on the same stage (see Marvelous Marv, Jan 2006). It was the day I arrived back home after a trip to Hawaii that started the process which led to my eventual move to Maui five years later (Christmas, New Year 2006 in Hawaii, Jan 2006).

It was a wonderful evening. And so was last night’s, too.

Hamlisch passed away in Aug 2012.  So last night’s performance by the full orchestra and Phoenix Symphony chorus. plus three soloists who knew Marvin, was a fitting tribute to a musician who was lucky enough to achieve incredible honors during his lifetime (he passed in Aug 2012 at the age of 68).

He is one of only twelve people to win an EmmyGrammyOscar, and Tony (also known as an EGOT). He is one of ten people to win three or more Oscars in one night and the only non-director/screenwriter to do so. He is one of only two people to have won those four prizes and a Pulitzer Prize (Richard Rodgers is the other). Hamlisch also won two Golden Globes.

Whew! That’s a lot of statues… 🙂

Anyway, we had a great time.



My Personal Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch

And now, here’s my personal tribute to Marvin Hamlisch – “The Entertainer” – for which he won an Oscar (“THE ENTERTAINER” FROM “THE STING” (1973 film), HAPPY NEW YEAR!).

This music first came to me in early 1974, right after it had won an Oscar. It became a hit song of that summer.  I played it by ear, as I do most pieces.

Then I forgot all about it until Feb 2009. That time, I resurrected it at the request of a young (then 12-year old) budding musician Viviana. So I dedicated my first lumbering piano recording of The Entertainer to her (“Entertainer” for Viviana – by Bob Djurdjevic on piano, 2/22/2009).

And now, here’s my latest recording of The Entertainer.


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