Calvary Hill 3-16-14

Today, I returned to the Calvary Hill Arizona again.  And magic also returned with this pilgrimage.

This was my first 2014 bike-hike-bike to the sacred altar in the McDowell Mtns over Scottsdale. I dubbed it Calvary Hill Arizona based on earlier (2013) Spirit guidance I had received (see Sep 2013 Calvary Hill stories and Oct 2013 Calvary Hill).  The trek took 3.5 hours.

The day was perfect. Slight breeze from the northwest. The temps on the mountain in the mid 80s.

As I was tying up my jalloppy (bike) before taking off on the hiking portion of the pilgrimage, I asked my Spirit guides for their blessing and guidance on this hike.  In the past, they have given me invaluable advice on this desert mountain.

Sure enough, before I even took the first step on the trail, I saw something shining on the ground.

“Another magic coin” was my first thought.

About a year ago, I received a magic quarter atop Calvary Hill Arizona from Master Sananda (Yeshua-Jesus) which helped guide me in many important decisions that followed.

Sure enough, the shiny object was a coin. A dime. But as I bent down to pick it up, I saw a bunch of other coins also sparking in bright sunshine. Three quarters, one nickel and three pennies.  Altogether 93 cents.


“So today’s trek is about creation and creativity,” I concluded. For “93” translated into a “3” numerologically (9+3=12=1+2=3). And the number “3” is the number of creation and active creative intelligence. Which is what the 3rd Ray souls are about.  And I am one of them.

“Whew! What a start…” I thought.

The three quarters, by the way, had Alabama, Oklahoma and Mount Hood (Oregon) on the backside.  I am still mulling over the significance of these three states being presented to me together. Any ideas? I would welcome some help.

While walking the Calvary Hill trail, I used the new magic dime to get the Spirit’s answers to some questions I had.

Maui Coral Heart 3-16-14 IMG_1259

Once I got to the top of Calvary Hill, another surprise awaited me. I found there a Maui coral heart. No kidding! Take a look at that shot on the left.

A coral from Maui on top of a desert mountain in Arizona. And in the shape of a heart!

How much more explicit could my guides and teachers have been. What I welcome home. I was overwhelmed for a while, tearing up a bit.

This is where I also took a picture of that beautiful flowering cactus. The desert is waking up after the winter slumber. The spring colors are springing up all over.

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