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Today, Apr 11, we unveiled officially the “Grand Tetons Wall” at Eagle’s Nest, our Scottsdale home. As you can see, it consists of three paintings that Elizabeth has done in the last year or so, and a wooden sculpture of a bison that she bought in Sedona years ago.

You can actually see above Elizabeth doing some last minute touch-ups on the side of the Jenny Lake painting which I had messed up while hanging the picture. 😦 Guess that illustrates just how “fresh off the easel” that painting is. 🙂


And now, here are some close-ups of the four pieces that comprise our Grand Tetons Wall:

IMG_2996 IMG_2994

IMG_2993 IMG_2992

Yellowstone-Grand Tetons Healing Journey

Eliz Bob 9-13-12

The inspiration for all these works of art came from our Yellowstone-Grand Tetons Healing Journey a year and a half ago (Sep 2012).  The trip was a feast for the eye and for the soul. The photo on the right was taken at the Old Faithful (geyser) in Yellowstone after the healing ceremony I had done on the Yellowstone Lake.

Click on Yellowstone-Grand Tetons Healing Journey to see some of the photos.  Here are two panorama shots to whet your appetite…

Sunrise Grand Tetons_Panorama2

Jenny Lake Grand Tetons_Panorama2

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