And the leader is….

Interesting how our Spirit guides work. This morning, I put on the outfit you see above. It was the first time this spring that I have done so. The heat is slowly seeping into the the desert.  And so the time has come to start wearing some light and airy clothes.

That’s the left brain explanation about why I chose that outfit. But there is another version. Here’s the right brain story of what happened…

Right Brain Version

While riding my mountain bike yesterday, I recalled something Elizabeth had said earlier in the day about a family member close and dear to her heart.  She had helped one of her grandchildren get a dental appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed.

“He will be able to WALK there,” she said.

This 19-year old has had a hard life so far.  He does not have a car.  So I thought, “Walk? Why not ‘walk faster? Why don’t I offer him this bike? It’s almost like new.”

The bike I was riding yesterday is only about a year old. But ridden only once or twice a week only during the time we were in Arizona. So less than six months a year overall.

Elizabeth discussed the idea with her grandson last night. He was thrilled. So as I was waking up this morning, I was semi-conscious of the fact that I will be probably buying a new bike for myself.


What does that have to do with my choice of clothes? Well, cycling fans know that YELLOW JERSEY in Tour d’France, the world’s famous bike race, is ONLY worn by the overall leader. It’s an age-old tradition of which I was aware when I was a kid growing up in Europe.


But today, this realization only crept into my consciousness the moment Elizabeth took the above picture. I had just biked back to Eagle’s Nest, our Scottsdale, home on my new bike.

Another Hybrid…

And like Honda Civic, it is blue. And it is also a Hybrid.  But in cycling, that means a cross between a mountain and a road racing bike.  It is light but sturdy. Just the ticket for the kind of riding I do in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains.

Finally, it is a Diamondhead. That’s the brand name, not just the name of the Arizona baseball team. 🙂 But it is also a cute coincidence, don’t you think?

And that’s the right brain version of the story about how I got to wear the Yellow Jersey today on my new blue Diamondhead Hybrid. 🙂

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