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Normally, you would not expect anyone to be happy to be under someone’s thumb. Boy, was I ever thrilled when I made it to Tom’s Thumb around noon today.

It was the first time ever that I have attempted to do this (for me) grueling bike ride – almost 11 miles of a non-stop climb over a vertical elevation rise of 1,100 ft.  Well, maybe not the first time. I also started out in that direction on Good Friday, but the Spirit spun me off my bike and turned me back – for my own good. 🙂

Anyway, this time, I made it. And here’s a short video shot on location:

* * *

I had tentatively intended to go on with the hike all the way up to this famous rock (Tom’s Thumb).  I still had enough left in my gas tank to do it when I got to the trailhead, elev. about 2,800 feet.

I knew that the bike ride was far more difficult that the hike, which I had done once before. But we were having an Easter Party this afternoon.  Elizabeth’s family were coming over to our place. And I realized I would have run out of time before depleting my energy reserves. So I turned around and headed back…

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 5.22.18 PM


runtastic-altimeter-2 runtastic-altimeter

Easter Afternon at the Pool

Back home, we had a wonderful family Easter Party. After an opulent meal for about two dozen people that Elizabeth had prepared all by herself, we all went to relax by the pool. Here are some pics from that part of our Easter Sunday;

IMG_1442 IMG_1445

IMG_1446 IMG_1448

IMG_1449 Bob 4-20-14-1 Bob 4-20-14-2 Eliz 4-20-14-1 Eliz 4-20-14-2


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