Saguaro Loop Trail mochup 4-30-14

On the last day of April, I decided to something I have never done before: Do a bike-hike-bike ride to Saguaro Loop Trail in the McDowell Mtns over Scottsdale.

Above is a mockup shot from that outing. It’s a mockup because Elizabeth took my picture before I headed out to the desert. I then superimposed it over the actual shot I took from the Saguaro Loop Trail.

The trail itself was a piece of cake. I only did it because I had to get back to Eagle’s Nest and run some errands with Elizabeth later in the afternoon. But the bike ride was a challenge. We have been having strong winds for about three days in a row. And bike uphill and into a 20 mph wind is not exactly my idea of fun.

Still,  I made it and have lived to tell about it, too. So here are some more pictures I took from the Saguaro Loop. You can see “my (former) mountain” – Camelback – down in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) in both of them.

Saguaro Loop Trail 4-30-14 Saguaro Loop Trail 2 4-30-14

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