Graz Town Square

On Monday, May 19, the rain had finally stopped after four consecutive days of wet, windy and cold weather. So Elizabeth and I decided to rent a car on a spur of the moment and drive from Vienna to Graz. She had never been to this part of Austria before (the northeast), and I thought she would enjoy being in the countryside.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.08.53 AMWe started our drive out of Vienna in fog, but the sun came out by the halfway point (see the map). The rest of the day was a glorious sunshine.

We even got to enjoy some beautiful vistas with snowcapped IMG_3100mountains  even as late as May. This snow was probably deposited during the last four days of wet weather.


And now, here is a collection of our still shots from Graz, the beautiful capital of Steiermark (an Austrian province).

Graz Lanhaus 2 IMG_3101 Graz church    Graz Landhaus IMG_3118  IMG_3117  Graz building art  IMG_3103 IMG_3124 IMG_3112 IMG_3114 IMG_3109 IMG_3110  IMG_3111 IMG_3102 IMG_3125

 Reconnecting with Liszt (unwittingly)

On our way back from Graz, Elizabeth had asked me to get off the freeway and drive through some of the villages. I knew from the map that there was a Niedlersee (lake) nearby, and aimed in that direction. What I did not know until this morning, June 3, was that we passed by Liszt birthplace. Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.01.46 AMHe was born in Raiding, Austria, in this modest home.

After our visit to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, I discerned that the reason we were guided to undertake this trip to Austria and Spain was a re-stitching of the old Holy Roman Empire (May 17 – Vienna’s Special Geomancy: Re-Stitching Holy Roman Empire [editorial comment]).

But now, I can also see that it was to reconnect with the Liszt lifetime. Which is why Rachmaninoff’s “Rhapsody on a Paganini Theme” came to me as my “birthday song of 2014.”

And now, here are some other still shots from the rest of this wonderful day trip…

Neusiedler See

IMG_3131 IMG_3133

IMG_3132 IMG_3134 IMG_3137 IMG_3136 IMG_3135


When we returned to our hotel, we only had a short time to get ready for our big night – the first ever visit to the world-famous Vienna Opera. “La Traviata” was waiting for us…

Click on AN EVENING AT VIENNA OPERA to see more...


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