Barcelona Plaza Reial

The rain that greeted us when we arrived in Barcelona on May 20 (see Sublime Dinner in Barcelona) had abated somewhat by the morning. The weather was still cloudy, windy and fairly cold, but that did not stop us from setting off on an exploration of the Catalan capital on foot.

IMG_3187 IMG_3189 IMG_3188 IMG_3187 IMG_3183  Barcelona church tower IMG_3180

Since hotel was on Plaza Catalunya, we just followed Barcelona’s main drag – La Rambla (above) – until we hit the ocean, meaning the Port of Barcelona.  Elizabeth quickly snagged a Barcelona football (soccer) club shawl, which she proudly wore the rest of the way. 🙂

Barcelona square

At the harbor, however, I also had an unexpected pleasure of finding and sampling a delicious crepe with chocolate and nuts. And all that from just a street vendor right next to the water. Paris it was not. But it tasted like Paris.

IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3198 IMG_3201 IMG_3202 IMG_3203 IMG_3204 IMG_3205 IMG_3206  IMG_3210 IMG_3207

After that then we worked our way back through its narrow but charming streets till we got to the plaza in front of the Barcelona Cathedral.

IMG_3211 IMG_3216 IMG_3217 IMG_3218 IMG_3219 IMG_3220 IMG_3222 IMG_3221  IMG_3223  Barcelona cathedral interior 2 barcelona cathedral IMG_3229 Barcelona cathedral interior IMG_3235  Bob in Barcelona Cathedral  IMG_3240

After visiting the cathedral, I asked the two guitarists who were playing outside if they knew “Concierto de Aranjuez.” They did. So I handed the camera to Elizabeth and she recorded this scene:

* * *

By early afternoon, it was time to hit the road and start our 2,400 km (1,500 miles) Tour of (the rest of ) Spain.  But first, we had to brave the Barcelona traffic and try to figure out how to get out of Catalan Dodge. It was the first of 18 such challenges we were to face in the following six days in Spain.

Barcelona cathedral



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