Aljaferia Castle interior

It took us a while to find this 11th century Moorish castle (Aljaferia) in the heart of Zaragoza.  But it was certainly worth the trouble.  It is one  of the most beautiful palaces we have seen on this in Spain. And we have certainly seen a lot of them.  There is something both mystical and magical about Islamic art (see below; you’ll see even more of it in Cordoba).


IMG_3352 Different doors for different folks

Spain 2014 mapI was actually quite surprised to see the Moorish (Arab – Islamic) presence and influence this far north in Spain. If you look at the map of our Tour of Spain, you will see that Zaragoza is actually close to its northernmost point in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range that separates Spain from France. We actually reached that later on this day – May 22 (see the next travelogue).

Anyway, on our way in, while walking around the former medieval moat, we noticed a Chinese plum tree, brimming with ripe fruit. That’s one of Elizabeth’s most favorite fruit, and something we are lucky to have also here in Hawaii (our neighbor has several trees).

IMG_3380 IMG_3381

After the visit to the palace, I snuck down and picked a dozen or so plums for Elizabeth. She was too shy to do it. But you can see her above making her get-away with her plum loot afterward. 🙂

And now, here are the rest of the pictures we took at this magnificent Moorish palace…

Aljaferia Castle staircase IMG_3347

IMG_3377 IMG_3379 IMG_3375 IMG_3373 IMG_3364 IMG_3361 IMG_3360 IMG_3359 IMG_3358 IMG_3357  IMG_3354 IMG_3352 IMG_3351 IMG_3350  IMG_3344  IMG_3340 IMG_3337 IMG_3336 IMG_3335 IMG_3365 Just tall enough IMG_3370  IMG_3366 IMG_3367  IMG_3376      IMG_3371

Aljaferia Castle grand hall

And then it was time to say goodbye to beautiful Zaragoza and hit the road again, heading toward Burgos.

IMG_3382 Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.16.39 AM

* *  *

Aljaferia Castle


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