Salamanca Plaza Mayor

After the all-night rain, we were delighted to be greeted by sunshine the morning of May 23. Everything around was sparkling around our Salamanca hotel.  Even its lobby and the breakfast room…

IMG_1771 IMG_1770IMG_1768IMG_1769 IMG_1763 IMG_1764

Spain’s most famous university city, akin to Cambridge or Oxford in England, seemed to be inviting us to see it at its best.

IMG_3420 IMG_3424

Elizabeth was ready. She was wearing her university sweatshirt. Except that oops… it was the University of Vienna. 🙂 Oh, well. A minor difference. 🙂

IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3425

Even though Salamanca is relatively small compared to some other Spanish cities we have toured, we promptly managed to get lost while walking around its narrow and twisty streets. It took asking four or five people for directions before we found Plaza Mayor, the city center. Which was truly spectacular once we entered it.

Salamanca Plaza Mayor2

It was worth the trouble, as you can see from these panorama shots.

IMG_3432 Salamanca cathedrals

Our next destination were the two cathedrals – one “old,” one “new.” Once we got our bearings, we had no trouble finding them. But to us, they both looked “old” (the newer one is the one on the right).

IMG_3437 Salamanca Cathedral New

Anyway, here’s now a short video clip I shot on this location – by accident…

* * *

Here are now some more still shots we took at the backside of the two cathedrals, joined at the nave.

Salamanca cathedrals 3

IMG_3444 IMG_3446 IMG_3445 IMG_3452

Since we got to Salamanca almost a day earlier than planned, we decided to add two more cities to our itinerary – Avila, the walled city, and Segovia. Both are within easy reach of both Madrid and our ultimate destination for this day – El Escorial, the royal palace which Phillip II had had personally designed and built.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.18.09 AM Spain 2014 map

Today, May 23, we will have an easy driving route, we figured, after our longest day the day before. So we jumped into our Beamer and pointed it eastward – toward Avila.


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