Sunday is supposed to be the “day of rest?” Not at the Rainbow Shower (name of our property in Maui). Elizabeth and I have been working this past week on beautifying the two rock wells way down in the gulch of the Rainbow Shower.  And yesterday, June 22, was the “grand finale” of our “farmer’s yoga.”

It took me two days to dig up all the roots of the ginger plants and cane grass and other weeds that had been the previous occupants of the rock wells. They are as hardy as jungle plants can be.  So I had to use a pick and a lot of muscle power to pull them out.

Then it took another two days to shop for, get, bring home and spread about 12 cubic feet of mulch/soil conditioner inside the rockeries.  And to fix, attach and stretch about 200 feet of water hose – from the nearest water faucet near the AHA (sacred place) to the two wells.

Since the line runs over the creek and through the jungle to reach the rockeries, Elizabeth and I went to our old way of communicating while coordinating the turning of water on and off – walkie-talkies. 🙂

And on Sunday, yes, the “day of rest,” Elizabeth and I transplanted a whole bunch of native Hawaiian decorative plants which I cut from the bushes around Upper Rainbow Shower (our home).  They included red T-plants, Crotons, Money trees and Allamanda, a shrubclimber with yellow flowers that resemble hibiscus.

The final step was the hardest. I used a heavy steel bar to dig 28 holes for the transplanted trees and shrubs.  Elizabeth helped by planted the smaller shrubs using the pokey end of the pick. “Farmers yoga” at its best – on a Sunday.

And was a result… You can also see in the last photo the rock well #2 as it looked in a still shot I took from a video made in Nov 2009.

IMG_4018 IMG_4014 IMG_4013 IMG_4017 IMG_4015 Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.28.53 AM

The best part?  We’ve just got Divine approval and help for this project.

I woke up this morning uncharacteristically early – before 6 AM. The reason?  Noise.  Heavy showers. (What else is new at the Rainbow Shower, right? 🙂 )

Then the power went out.  The electricity was off for over an hour.  This is especially annoying since our solar system generates more power than we need. And MECO – our local electric utility – brazenly steals our electricity, and resells it to their other customers without any compensation to us. In fact, they even have the audacity to charge us $18 per month for their meter. Which they forced us to use (see “Post Nubila Phoebus: How Hawaii Utilities Mistreat Their Customers,” Dec 2012).

Corporate and government collusion and greed. Oh well… what else can one expect in a society fueled by greed rather than compassion.

I used the time to go down to the gulch, and thank the Creator and our Spirit guides for helping us with this extra rain.

You see, we have hardly had any rainfall this week.  The ground was quite hard and parched when I was digging inside the rock wells.  Which is why I hooked up our water hose irrigation.  To help the new seedlings get a fresh start.

But this morning, we did not have to use it. Thanks to the help from above. ❤

Have a great week! Elizabeth and are ready to make it a “week of rest” at the Rainbow Shower… 🙂


Thought it might be interesting to see what this part of the Rainbow Shower looked like in Nov 2009, after we had initially cleared the jungle to open up the area for lawns and paths.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.28.53 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.28.36 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.28.16 AM

You can also watch the video I made in this area on Nov 17, 2009 during a walking tour of the Rainbow Shower. The particular spots where the two rock wells are now starts at about 7:00 min of the video.

* * *

Walking Tour of Greater Rainbow Shower, Part 2 of 2, filmed by Bob Djurdjevic on 11-17-2009

* * *

UPDATE AUG 31, 2015


Here’s one tiny example of what Stewardship of the Earth can look like when a Steward-Shaman co-creates with Mother Earth and Father Sun – in alignment with the will of the Creator and the forces of the universe.

All one can say is, “thank you, Creator and all of my Spirit guides, for the privilege of serving as a Steward of this Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth – the Rainbow Shower on the island of Maui.”

In gratitude…

Rock Well #1 Evolution Rock Well #2 Evolution

Update Sept 1. 2016

Cycles of Life at the Rainbow Shower


One year ago today, I posted the above pictorial about the beautification of the Rainbow Shower, Maui – our home in Maui – between 2009 and 2015.

When I bought the property (in early 2009), it was an impassable jungle. As we started to clear it using a backhoe and a lot of muscle power, the place looked like a mess (left pictures above).

Five and six years later (2014 and 2015), the Lower Rainbow Shower became a Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth (the last two shots).

And then, in early 2016, I sold the 5 acres portion of the property that comprised the Lower Rainbow Shower to a nice Japanese couple. They are now building a yurt home and an orchard right next to these two rock wells. So we are back to mess again…

But hopefully not for long.  The photo on the right, taken from our Rainbow Shower lanai, illustrates how I envisage their orchard when they are done.

Cycles of life… from nature’s anarchy, to man-made mess, to beauty of co-creating with nature, and back to man-made mess… before returning back to natural beauty.

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