The day after the big storm, July 21: Steam bath. That’s the best way to describe the weather today.  Like Florida summer weather, a sauna, as a neighbor just put it.

Silver lining? Extra moisture provides added texture to the air.  Which makes for rich light refraction and beautiful colors in the sunset.

Some of these pictures I took while Elizabeth and I were sitting on the lanai, watching the sunset and sipping our cocktails, almost seem like 3D or relief paintings.  They looked even more so “live.”

The last two are panorama shots. The colors in the last one look almost ethereal. Like the day Spirit welcomed me to Maui in March 2009 at Hookipa Point, and when they said goodbye to Elizabeth and me at the Rainbow Shower before our trip to Europe in September of that year.

Sunset3_19_09 016 006

All tonight’s pics were taken within an 11-min span, between 7:03PM and 7:14PM.


IMG_2004 IMG_2005 IMG_2006




Ever Seen a “Sunbow” Before?

Okay, I know you’re used to seeing a lot of beautiful rainbows from the Rainbow Shower. But have you ever seen a “sunbow?” I have not. Until tonight’s sunset (July 22).

Check it out…



And now, here’s also a sunset shot taken about a minute or so later…




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