Keiki Dreams fundraiser

Discovering Frank Lloyd Wright Arizona Connection

Last year, I discovered and joined as a donor a wonderful community service organization here on Maui.  Keiki Dreams is a non-profit endeavor which makes children’s dreams come true. Keiki in Hawaiian means a child.

Last year, 1,600 keikis, typically from low income, native Hawaiian families, saw their dreams come true thanks to the efforts of this organization and the community support for its noble cause. Keiki Dreams also offers grants for children who need special medical treatments that their families cannot afford.

Last night, Elizabeth and I attended Keiki Dreams‘ annual fundraiser gala at King Kamehameha Golf Club.  There were over 200 donors present, including the Mayor and several other prominent members of Maui community.  Elizabeth contributed one of her paintings to the Silent Auction as her contribution to this worthy cause.

Since neither she nor I are golfers, this was our first encounter with this charming golf club on the slopes of West Maui Mountains. And thanks to this Keiki Dreams program, we also discovered an Arizona connection there. The clubhouse was built based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 7.40.30 PM

We live practically a walking distance from Taliesin West, and the Arizona Biltmore, the “Jewel of the Desert since 1929,” has been like a home to me after all the years I had belonged to that club, the Saturday night gala at the King Kamehameha Clubhouse felt like homecoming to us.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.20.35 PM

Here are some pictures from this event…

IMG_2023 IMG_2026 IMG_2016

IMG_2024 IMG_2020

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