Also in this story… Last Day of Namaka Creek for 2014, Rainbow Shower Cocktail, “French Fries” from a Tree

Today, I saved a life to honor another.  I (re)planted a baby Green T-plant “Kahili,” which had been accidentally cut, in memory of my late father Jovan (John).  (He passed 24 years ago).

The Green T-Kahili was inadvertently toppled by the falling debris during our Podocarpus trimming on Monday.  But I only discovered that this morning as I was clearing the ground under the big trees.

IMG_2242 IMG_2238 IMG_2243

And instantly I knew what that was about.  Yesterday was the 61st anniversary of my father’s return home from communist prison (see TRIBUTE TO MY FATHER: EL MORYA, ACHILLES, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, CONSTANTIUS, MUHAMMAD, JOVAN… down to the Rainbow Shower gulch and plant it in the upper rock well.

“This is the “Little Jovan” (Little John),” I “heard” the Spirit’s words.  “Nurture it to new life if you want to perpetuate your father’s memory.”

And so I did.  Afterward, I carried a bucket of water up the hill to give the baby Kahili its first (re)birthing booster shot.  I prayed at the rock well and asked the Spirit to bless and take care of it when I am not around.

IMG_2247 IMG_2248

Last Day of Namaka Creek for 2014?

Yesterday evening (Sep 3), I had a premonition that today would be the first day our Namaka Creek riverbed would run dry.  So I carried the last four buckets of water to the Kahilis around the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA) which I planted three weeks ago.


And this morning I discovered that indeed the creek has run dry.  So I had to fill the bucket for Little Jovan (Little John) at the faucet above the AHA.

We should remember this day. For, Sep 3 is the latest date EVER (!) that this seasonal creek has run at the Rainbow Shower.

Little Jovan header

Cheers! Join Us for a Rainbow Shower Cocktail

Thought this evening we would also share with you a “painting” of the Rainbow Shower cocktails.  It’s our secret recipe – very low on alcohol and high on beauty and taste. 🙂 Like a Sangria….


Most evenings Elizabeth and I sit on our lanai and watch the sunset while enjoying them. Cheers!

Delicious “French Fries” from a Tree?

Where do the “french fries” come from? Now, if the first thought that popped into your mind is McDonald’s – I’ll “unfriend” you. 🙂 [just kidding]

“French fries” come from potatoes, of course.  Which means from the ground.

What would you say if I told you that tonight, for dinner, I had “frenchCoconut harvest fries” that came from a tree? A palm, to be exact.

Would you say I had flipped? 🙂

Actually, it is true. And the “french fries” were delicious.  Not only did they taste great, they had ZERO fat content. And they were 100% organic.

Best of all, they came from our tree, our palm, which you can see right here in front of my office window at the Rainbow Shower.


What is this about?

Well, this year we have been blessed with an abundant crop of coconuts (see Spikeless Coconut Harvest).  We gave away most of them. But even the dozen that we kept for our own use have been more than generous in terms of both the coconut juice and meat.

Making the Most from the Most

My job in our coconut production line is is to open the coconut, cut out the meat and drain the juice.

Ever done it? If not, let me tell you… it is one of the toughest things I do around here.  For anyone who thinks that coconuts just jump into the little plastic jars in Whole Foods stores, think again.

This morning, for example, I opened and cleaned five coconuts.  It took me over an hour.  I used a machete, an ax, a large knife and a hammer.  The sweat was pouring down my face when I was done.

Elizabeth said she’d figured out what I was up to by all the banging and thuds she had heard as she was waking up. Notice how tactful she was not to say, “you woke me up with all your racket!”. 🙂

Anyway, one of Elizabeth’s coconut preparation methods is to cut it into strips that resemble the “french fries,” and then roast them in the oven. They come out brown on the outside, white on the inside.


We have been enjoying them like that usually with all the other fruit we have for breakfast. But today, I had a brain flash.

“Do we still have in the freezer some of the burgers I had barbecued before?” I asked.

“We have one of ‘yours’,” she replied.

By “yours,” she meant one that I had prepared by mixing in an egg, ground tortilla chips, and various spices and “secret” ingredients that I have perfected over the decades.

“And you have another fresh burger pattie for yourself?” (meaning “plain” meat).

“Yes, I do.”

“In that case, I don’t want to eat these coconuts now for breakfast,” I said. “Why don’t you roast a fresh batch tonight, and serve them as ‘french fries’ with my burger?”

And that’s what went down this evening for dinner at the Rainbow Shower. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed the coconut “french fries” with my burger.


Happy face



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