Three different shots from three different parts of the world carry the same message: POWER & BEAUTY OF RAINBOWS…

Lightening rainbow strikes airplane

Check out the above “one-in-a-million” shot that shows a lightning bolt following the exact same path as a rainbow, with both phenomena bisected by a cargo plane in flight.

In fact, according to photographer Birk Mobius, the break in the lightning bolt is a Boeing 777, which Mobius says was struck mid-air. There were no casualties or damage to the aircraft.

Mocbus  took the photo on Aug 24. while at Taucha Airport near Leipzig, Germany.

Plum Island lightening rainbow

And here’s another another union between lightening and rainbows. This one took place on Sept 6 on Plum Island, NY.

Last Rainbow before hurricanes 8-08-14

Back home in Maui, Hawaii, rainbows are not quite as dramatic.  We rarely get lightening storms.  But what we lack in drama, gentle Hawaiian nature more than makes up in beauty.


And that includes the scenery on land, not just in the sky. Here’s a photo I took this morning of our Rainbow Shower tree, after which the entire property was named.  It is in full bloom now, just as we are getting ready to leave the “land of rainbows” for our other desert home in Arizona.

If you look carefully, you will see another “rainbow” in the above shot. Elizabeth was cleaning Anuenue, a bronze horse sculpture which graces our front lawn. And “anuenue” is Hawaiian for a “rainbow,”  🙂

Double rainbow 12-18-13

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