Greetings from Eagle’s Nest, our Yang home in the desert!

  • Locked Out by the Desert!
  • Bloody Farewell to Maui
  • Lucky Miss: Phoenix Airport Lockdown 

Having taken a “red eye” this time from Maui to the mainland, we hardly got any sleep between Sept 17-18.  So last night, Elizabeth and I knocked off a 12- and 11-hour slumber respectively.  A new record for us? 🙂

What we found when we got back home was quite spectacular. This summer, the Sonoran Desert has evidently had a very wet monsoon season.  And we found evidence of it right in our back yard.

Take a look at these “then and now” pictures. The ones on the right were taken on our last day here – June 4.

IMG_2283 IMG_1860

IMG_2285 IMG_1861

Furthermore, there are things growing now out of the desert pebbles in our yard that I have never seen before in nearly four decades living in Arizona. Looks like we might be getting some homegrown volunteer pumpkins for Halloween. 🙂

IMG_2286 IMG_2284

Our honeysuckle bushes, which I thought had withered and died a year ago after the searing summer heat of 2013, are back in bloom and looking beautiful again.

Locked Out by the Desert!

Before we got a chance to see any of that, however, we had been locked out of our own home .  Or more accurately, we could not get in.  None of our three keys worked.  The lock was evidently jammed.

Our next door neighbors weren’t home. So I called someone else for some WD-40, figuring the lock might have rusted out in high humidity of the monsoon season.

The maintenance man tried his best but was unable to open the door. So I called a locksmith. While we waited for him, with all our bags stacked in the driveway in front of the garage, I kept trying to loosen the lock by pulling the key in and out and thus spreading the WD-40 around. Eventually, the lock gave way. And we were able to get into the house.

Later, the locksmith explained that it was the dirt from the desert storms, not the high humidity, that jammed up the lock. We both came up with the same easy solution for the next time we leave for an extended period of time. Just put a piece of scotch tape over the lock the.

So that’s my monsoon season tip for my other fellow-desert rats.

Bloody Farewell to Maui

Earlier, on our last day at the Rainbow Shower, I also experienced a bloody farewell to Maui.  After working all summer on dangerous slopes with a chainsaw and a machete without a major injury, my left calf was impaled on a jagged stump sticking out of the ground.

It was the very last tree on the very last day that did it. 🙂 And the wound looked like the top of a Poseidon/Neptune’s trident – the Greco/Roman god of the oceans.

IMG_2282 Poseidon trident

Elizabeth and I ended up at the Kula Hospital ER only a few hours before we were due to fly out.

It was a very pleasant experience. Beautiful views from up there.   Maybe that’s why the Spirit arranged for such a bloody farewell? 🙂 Spending an hour or so in mist and clouds on the slopes of Haleakala was the silver lining that took the pain away.

Lucky Miss: Phoenix Airport Lockdown

While we were waiting for our dinner at a restaurant yesterday afternoon, one of Elizabeth’s daughters called her Mom to see if we got here okay. She said that there had been a shooting at the Phoenix airport and one of the terminals was in a lockdown.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.32.05 PM

This morning, I found out that it was indeed the terminal through which we had passed earlier in the day – Terminal 4. So it was another lucky miss for us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.32.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.32.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.33.06 PM

Here’s an excerpt from a Phoenix TV news story about the three-hour lockdown that wreaked havoc on many passengers and airlines’ plans:

Terminal 4 shut down by search for suspects

“What began as a shooting at a Tempe gas station turned into a high-speed car chase and ended in a manhunt that paralyzed the busiest terminal at one of the country’s busiest airports on Thursday.

By the time police caught all three people sought in the shooting, dozens of flights into and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport had been grounded, delayed, diverted or canceled.

Officials locked down Terminal 4 for about three hours. That bought police time to arrest a man and a woman who had fled the midafternoon shooting in a red Pontiac Trans Am and to search for and ultimately capture a shirtless third man.”

(An excerpt from AZ Central story, Sept 19).





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