When Elizabeth and I returned to Arizona for the first time in four years in March of 2013, I told her that the only objects allowed in our Eagle’s Nest home would be works of art (besides the bare necessities for food and hygiene of life, of course).  That’s why our Yang home looks like a sprawling concert hall and a gallery.

Anyway, while Elizabeth was traveling to visit her home town in Texas, I was guided by the Spirit to mark the four pillars of ascension in our home.  And also to promote one of Elizabeth’s quilts into a tapestry.

So here they are – LOVE, TRUTH, GRACE and FAITH – the four pillars of ascension…

IMG_2308 IMG_2307 IMG_2309

As for Elizabeth’s quilt, I discovered it on Friday morning under our bedspread. I remember her working on it earlier this year in Maui. But I never paid any attention to what she had done with it after it was finished. Until Friday morning.

I know that neither Elizabeth nor I are big on abstract art. But with the sun bathing it in with its early morning light, it looked beautiful.  It is, in fact, her first abstract “painting.”

So I saw no sense why it should remain hidden under the bedspread.  So I decided to elevate it into a tapestry, and mount it on our bedroom wall.  As a surprise “welcome home” gift for Elizabeth. She is due back home this afternoon.



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