We’ve got a new “museum piece” in the ground at Eagle’s Nest.  Unlike the archeologists who dig out of the ground the artifacts worthy of a museum, this one is a living creature.  And we buried it in the ground instead of taking it out.  Desert storms had already taken care of that. Twice.

Storm AZ 7-26-14I know this sounds weird. So let’s back up a couple of months. A late July monsoon storm had toppled a large Ironwood tree we had in our front yard. We were at the Rainbow Shower in Maui at the time.  Our Arizona neighbor alerted us to it with this photo.

After we came back to the desert, we have been looking far and wide for a suitable replacement tree.  That’s because this particular  spot seems to be jinxed.  Eight years ago, another storm had toppled an even larger tree that had been there for nine years. It was a Mesquite (Kiawe in Hawaii).

Storm_damage9_4_06 002 Storm_damage9_4_06 005 IMG_2311

We are hoping, therefore, that the third time will be the charm.  To make sure of it, this time, we installed a deep root watering system for our new Museum Palo Verde (for those of you not from Arizona, Palo Verde means “green tree” in Spanish; these trees, native to the Sonoran desert, have a green bark).

So join us in saying a prayer for our new green baby’s happy and long life.



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