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Exploring Lafayette: Home of Purdue University

Since we do most thing spontaneously, especially when traveling, we had no idea that Sunday morning that we would be spending the night in Lafayette, Indiana, the home of Purdue University.

When we headed up north from Louisville, KY, around noon on Oct 12, we were still under the spell of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.  So we just aimed at Chicago and decided to stop wherever we happen to be close to nightfall.

It turns out that was in Lafayette, Indiana.  I had a hunch that this was the home of Purdue University and said that to Elizabeth on our drive into the city.  But we had to wait till we crossed the Wabash river to confirm that.

We even caught a movie in a theater that night. We saw “The Judge.” Okay, but not spectacular as its cast might suggest.  The film could have been at least half an hour shorter.

Here are now some pictures from this short but memorable visit to Lafayette and Purdue.

Lafayette panorama

IMG_4274 IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4279 IMG_4281 IMG_4280 Lafayette Downtown IMG_4285 IMG_4284 IMG_4286 IMG_4287 IMG_4289 IMG_4288 IMG_4293 IMG_4290  IMG_4294 IMG_4291 IMG_4295Indiana Header


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