Honoring Full Moon at Inspiration Point

I don’t know why, but around noon yesterday (Nov 6), I was moved to go on a tough 7-mile hike in the McDowell Mtns above Scottsdale in honor of the Full Moon in Taurus.  Of course, as usual, I had biked from and to our Eagle’s Nest home to the trailhead.

As I was climbing up, I realized that I had not been on that trail for over six years. The last time I did it, I nearly died of dehydration (in Aug 2008 see Toughest Workout Ever – see the maps and same view from Inspiration point on that scorching day six years ago).

Inspiration Pt map 2014-11-06 at 5.34.27 PM MCD_3 McDowell_maps8_22_2008 002

When I got to the Inspiration Point, I found these verses by Arizona’s poet laureate Alberto Rios etched in a rock:

IMG_2497 IMG_2496

Here are some other shots I took at the Inspiration Point on Windgate Trail, elevation 2,725 ft.

Inspiration Pt 11-06-14  IMG_2499

And now, here is actual the actual Full Moon in Taurus rising over the McDowell Mtns last evening.



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