SHC Thompson Peak

On Friday, Nov 14, I joined the legion of healers across the country.  It was my first day on a new job – resident pianist at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak hospital.  A volunteer position.

Of course, as a shaman, I have been a part of another division of the legion of healers for years.  As such, I have helped many a human, plant, animal or even inanimate object into well-being by using musical instruments as “scalpels.”


But this is new and different.  I am once again part of the CORPORATE world. I have an employee number, a badge, a uniform, a parking sticker… the stuff I have not had since I quit over IBM 36 years ago.

So in that sense, it feels kind of weird.  Back in the fold…

Truthfully, it’s really not much of a job.  Once a week I play the piano in the Relaxed young woman listening woman in parkhospital lobby for one to two hours. The idea is that music heals.  It does. That’s a fact. But not many hospitals realize that.  So I am glad to be a part of a progressive organization like Scottsdale Healthcare.

When I tried the same idea at the Maui Memorial and several other Hawaii hospitals a few years ago, I did not even get a response. And I went straight to the CEOs, figuring they ought to understand such things better than lower level employees. Well, what can I say…

Anyway, just want to let you know that if you live in North Scottsdale and must go to a hospital, Fridays are good days to do that. And if you managed to get sick around lunchtime, you might be lucky and get some free sound healing. 🙂

While I can’t guarantee a healing, I can that you will have a good time.  You should see how many people stopped to tell me that on my first day on the job.  One lady even did it in the parking lot as I was leaving the hospital.

Which makes it twice the fun – for the “caregiver” and the “patient.” Especially since I would have been playing at home anyway. But now, I can share that gift of music with others.

Healing with music


PS: I watched this hospital being built in the seven years ago, never suspecting that its lobby would be one day my “concert hall.”  And now you can also watch it being built, through this time lapse video.

* * *



Thank you one and all who have gotten back to me with congrats.

Actually, most of the hard work was actually done BEFORE I started to play. Application forms, tests, meetings, seminars, online courses… even a background check! The whole process took six months! So I feel I have been thoroughly “vetted,” as I were running for office, not just playing the piano. 🙂

UPDATE DEC 1, 2014


Elizabeth and I just got back from a wonderful holiday party for Scottsdale Healthcare volunteers which was held in the big ballroom of the Hyatt Gainey Ranch resort. Elizabeth and I danced for a while after dinner, as you can see.


The food, the music, the atmosphere were all great. But the best part was the gesture – the management of the Scottsdale’;s three hospitals giving a big thanks to over a thousand volunteers who gathered this evening at Gainey Ranch.

What a wonderful start to a holiday season!

I said to Elizabeth and to one of the volunteer supervisors this evening that I felt a little bit like a cheat. I had only started working as a volunteer less than a month ago, and here we are, already receiving such wonderful “thank you’s”.

I also told Elizabeth over dinner this party took me back almost 40 years when I used to work for IBM. Back then, IBM was the most admired corporation in the world, and treated its employees like the princes. So we would usually have a Christmas party at some fancy resort like the Hyatt every year.

No booze, though. IBM was very dry back then.

For my small contribution as a volunteer see FIRST DAY ON NEW JOB: HEALING WITH MUSIC



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