Love Heart sunset


For me, this has always been the time to take stock of my life; look both back and project forward from this point in time.  Maybe start formulating my New Year’s resolutions to correct or reaffirm the course I am on. Maybe ask for spirit guidance: “Quo Vadis, Domino?” (Where To, My Lord).

To help in this discernment process, it is always good to be reminded of what happened in the past. This Parade of Christmases 2008-2016, for example. How did my previous resolutions pan out? What did I learn from those that didn’t?


Elizabeth and I had just returned from a house-hunting trip to Hawaii but had not yet decided on which property to buy.  In fact, we got into a fight (not over the move) and broke up for a while. So we spent our Christmas 2008 apart.

Then I started to receive signs from the Spirit realm. This was the first one. I called it my God’s Christmas card.

God Xmas Card_2008

I spent the Christmas Eve 2008 hiking in the McDowell Mountains to my shaman’s apucheta. I did not realize at the time that that was actually Calvary Hill Arizona. That revelation was to come five years later (at Easter 2013).



Christmas of 2009 was our first Hawaiian Christmas. And it was a white one. Mountains of white surf 30-40 ft high looked like Alpine avalanches as the crashed at Jaws, one of the world’s most famous surfing spots (Jaws is only about 4 miles from our Maui home).

Surf Avalanche

The scenery at Ho’okipa Point, another favorite surfing spot near our home, was no less spectacular. As was Elizabeth’s Christmas dinner. 🙂

Christmas 2009 SurfChristmas 2009 Dinner Surf


A year later, Elizabeth went back to Arizona for Christmas to spend it with her children and grandchildren. I stayed back home and was rewarded again not just a “white christmas” at sea, but with an extremely rare sight of real snow on Haleakala, the 10,000-ft volcano on whose slopes the Rainbow Shower (our property) lies.

Christmas 2010 Surf Christmas 2010 Surf Snow


Ditto in 2011. Elizabeth went to Arizona, I stayed home in Maui. This time, I was rewarded by magnificent back-to-back rainbows, both on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.

CHRISTMAS EVE 2011Xmas Day 2011 Rainbow


The following year we were both away from our Maui home at Christmas. Elizabeth was in Arizona again. I was in Lima, Peru, just about to fly back home from my 12-21-12 pilgrimage on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca. But we had decorated our lanai (deck) before we left on our trips. So when we got back, everything did look festive and “christmasy.”

Happy holidays 2012 panorama Xmas Eve 2012 Larcomar Lima

I actually spent almost the entire Christmas Day in the air, leaving Lima in the morning and arriving at the Rainbow Shower in the evening.

2013 – The Perfect Christmas

Last year, I flew back to Maui from Arizona in mid-December. Elizabeth stayed on till the Boxing Day (Dec 26) again to spend the Christmas with her family.  As a result, away from the materialistic glitz and shopping blitz, I had the most perfect Christmas Day one can imagine (see THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS: SUN, SURF, TURF, BEACH WITH RAINBOWS AS BOOKENDSDECEMBER 26, 2013).

Christmas Day 2013Kapalua Bay beach panorama 12-25-13

This is how the day started… with this beautiful morning rainbow:Rainbow Shower Xmas 2013 rainbow.jpg


Which brings us back a full circle to today and the Christmas of 2014. This image encapsulates the feeling I had yesterday despite the materialism of Christmas around me, here in Scottsdale.

Love Heart sunsetChristmas 2014


Having stayed at our Rainbow Shower home this year during the Christmas holidays, I managed to escape for the most part the materialism and the shopping frenzy that grips most of the nation at this time of the year. Instead, I got enjoy beautiful full moonrise on Christmas Eve and a wonderful moonset/sunrise combination on Christmas morning:


2016 – The Perfect Christmas Eve

This was the second very wet Christmas in a row at the Rainbow Shower. We did manage some sunshine in between the rain the clouds though. The best part of this year’s Christmas, however, was actually the day before – Christmas Eve. See my story about that Perfect Christmas Eve – CHRISTMAS EVE ON MAKENA BEACH:Potential iPhone Problem Leads to Best Christmas Eve Ever!http://wp.me/p3R16m-37R).

And then on Christmas Day, the big surf and Ho’okipa Point made up for all the rain we had in the morning (for more, see CHRISTMAS DAY:  BIG SURF AT HO’OKIPA POINT).


Good question. Where to, indeed?

Hopefully toward a more peaceful planet in 2017 and beyond. On November 9, the day after our election, I penned the Truth in Media editorial LET US REJOICE: NEW DAWN RISES OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD.

It is still early dawn. So it is hard to discern whether the daylight will bring sunshine or clouds. But I see more hope for a sunshine now than I have in decades.

As I said in another Truth in Media editorial published on Oct 24 (NEW WORLD ORDER SNAKES TO BE EXPELLED FROM AMERICA):

A Stunning US Election Prediction in Three Dreams over Four Days of This Month (Oct 16-19)


Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Donald Trump and the American people will drive away from America the New World Order snakes on Nov 8, 2016

That’s what I discerned about three weeks before the election day.
Now I call on Saint Patrick again and our spirit other guides and teachers to shed light for us and help us find our way out of the New World Order dungeons.

Happy New Year!


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