Impatiens flower grows out of a rock four years after dying

Want to see what REINCARNATION in nature looks like? Check out this flower…


This morning, Sunday 1-11-2015, a triple Masters #11 day, Elizabeth and I were giving ourselves a tour of the Lower Rainbow Shower to scope out the cleanup work I will need to do after the flood of Dec 30. Suddenly she noticed a flower that grew out of a rock in our Palm Rockery.

“Look,” she said excitedly. “A flower growing out of a rock.”

“That’s one of our Impatiens from 2009,” I said. “A survivor. Reincarnated five years later.”

Over five years ago, Elizabeth and I were in a process of taming the impassable jungle that had hidden the Palm Rockery from view before we bought the Lower Rainbow Shower in 2009.  We worked like slaves for a number of days, digging up flower beds between the rocks and planting Impatiens and other flowers.

A year later, our efforts were richly rewarded. This is what this part of the Rainbow Shower looked like on Labor Day 2010 (click here to see more).

Impatiens Labor Day 2010

Eventually, the flowers outgrew the large rocks. So I thought I’d give them a haircut. Well, they just up and died.

I was heartbroken. “Should have left well enough alone,” I chastised myself.

But I accepted the verdict of nature. Nothing is forever. Everything changes. Mother Nature decides whom or what to nurture and what to let die.

Instead of Impatiens, we now have three large coffee trees at this spot, one Octopus tree, and a whole lot of Lilikoi (Hawaiian for Passion Fruit).  Each is beautiful in its own way, just not as colorful as the Impatiens were in 2009-2010.

Well, until this morning. This little Impatiens survivor-volunteer  that grew out of a rock proved that the generally annuals can morph into perennials even five years later.


This reincarnation story from the Rainbow Shower inspired me to share with you these images of our Beautiful Planet that a friend of mine from Arizona sent me this morning.

Japan river chrry blossoms Surfing in Antarctica Love Tunnel Ukraine

Japan, Antarctica, Ukraine… one would not think that they would have something in common. Yet each is a canvas on which Mother Nature creates her wonderful art.



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