Fire ceremony Rainbow Shower

Today, Jan 17, is the 122nd anniversary of the original Hawaiian Day of Infamy (for more on that and the reasons why, check out the Truth in Media story (PARADISE STOLEN: HAWAII’S FORGOTTEN DAY OF INFAMY, Jan 17).  Elizabeth and I spent the day spent the day working, playing and honoring the Hawaiian people and culture.Iolani Oahu5_25-11

First, we did several hours of work on the property. She at the Upper Rainbow Shower (around our house). Me down in the gulch.

It was a beautiful clear day. The Rainbow Shower sparkled. After several days of VOG, the winds had finally shifted. They brought back our usual trade winds from the northeast.

In the afternoon, Elizabeth and I went into town to see the new Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2015 – an annual portrait competition by Hawaiian artists.  It’s a good thing we did not know at the time that the jury had already announced its first place award.  Because never in million years would either Elizabeth or I have picked that portrait out of 66 which were being exhibited at the Maui Arts and Culture Center.

Here is the portrait that yours truly would have given the first prize to (left). Elizabeth’s first choice and my third is in the middle. My second place is on the right.

IMG_2678 IMG_2682 IMG_2681

After running a few errands in town, we return to the Rainbow Shower just before sunset and just in time for a fire ceremony to honor the Hawaiian people and the native culture.

Altzar at AHA 2012 2 Altzar at AHA 2012 Anahata fire 1


That took place at the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA), the sacred place at the geographic center of the Rainbow Shower where I do shamanic ceremonies.

Afterward, we grilled a delicious dinner on the sacred fire. And we ate it right next to it, down in the gulch, at our Rainbow Shower outdoor “dining room.”

New cypress stumps-stools1 Table2






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