Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day/Anniversary in Dunsborough (cont’d from Perth-Dunsborough Ride)


We arrived back home in Dunsborough a little after 3PM.

“Back home?” you say.

Yes. Even after 10 years, this place felt like home. Instant familiarity. I could feel it even with my eyes closed… the scents, the sounds.  

I found my way around the twisty country roads without thinking. I just followed my instincts. In a jiffy, we found ourselves in the familiar environment of the fragrant Aussie Eucalyptus bush off Yungarra Road (see AUSTRALIA, HERE WE COME!).

And there it was – the Blackboy cottage, our home for the next eight days.  Or the Grasstree cottage, as it has been now renamed to fit in with the Aussie “PC” (politically correct) language police.  The old sign was still there on the winding dirt road that led to it. But someone pasted a new “Grasstree” sign on the cottage itself.

IMG_2883 IMG_2879 IMG_2882  IMG_2878 Blackboy cottage 2 IMG_2875

I chuckled as we unloaded our bags from the car. What people won’t do to conform with “modern” trends.

For nine years, Dunsborough-Yallingup had been my Yin home, the Bolt Hole.  I have not returned to this area for over a decade. And yet, here in the bush, it seemed as if only a minute had passed since I left. Everything felt the same. For me, Blackboys were still the Blackboys.

My fears of radical changes were unfounded. I felt I was really was back home.  The Bolt Hole was practically just a stone-throw away from the Blackboy cottage, just across that open field (paddock in Aussie speak) you can see in the Google Earth maps below.

WA_GOOG (2002) Bolt Hole Blackboy cottage 2014 (2014)

Valentine’s/Anniversary Dinner

But I did not have much time to dwell on such things.  We had to go back into town to get some supplies for tomorrow’s breakfast, and then get ready for our anniversary/Valentine’s dinner at 6PM.


Getting this dinner reservation on Valentine’s Day in this area was like pulling hen’s teeth. My first choice, Wise winery, was unavailable that evening. They were hosting a wedding. All other good places I knew of, or had had recommended by my local friends, were booked solid.

That’s when I pulled my “local-yocal” card.  Using my Dunsborough connections and pictures of the Bolt Hole, I made friends long distance with a young lady who is in charge of special events at the Wise winery.  So she went out of her way to try to secure a dinner reservation for us at another lovely place – the “Little Fish” restaurant – “her favorite.” Which was known as Lamont’s back in my days here.

And so, we did have a lovely dinner overlooking the “dam” (Aussie speak for a pond). Take a look…


IMG_4465 IMG_2890 IMG_4464 IMG_2894 IMG_2891 IMG_4463





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