Feb 17 – A Down Day? Not for Long, Not for Us…
Chocolate Factory, Margaret River, Prevelly Point, Here We Come…

After yesterday’s bike and sun adventures, Elizabeth got home feeling as sick as a dog. She went to bed in mid-afternoon, and woke up to join me for dinner without eating anything except for ice cream. We watched some movies until we both crashed shortly after 10 PM.

As for myself, I also picked up some kind of a bug. It involved much sneezing and nose blowing, but nothing like what Elizabeth was going through. I was fully functional. She was totally out of commission.

In the morning, Elizabeth said she felt no better. She just got up briefly to brush her teeth before crashing back to bed.

I went out for a short walk through the bush during which I witnessed this scene…


After breakfast, I went for a longer walk up Quedjinup Rd where I saw this work crew “lopping” trees (trimming them).

Then I went into town and hook up to the internet so you could have a chance to read these lines. We have no internet up on the hill where our Blackboy Cottage is located.

When I returned in late morning, Elizabeth was just waking up, She said she was feeling a little better. She wanted to shower and put on some makeup.

“Aha! Makeup… a good sign.  A sign of recovery,” I thought and smiled.

While she was doing it, I went for a walk around my former neighborhood to Sensei Potts place, and spent some time chatting with the artist about his bronze glazing technique. I also checked out some other parts the area before returning home, over an hour later.

IMG_2952 IMG_2954

The temperature was over 90F (33C) and humid. I remembered these kinds of sweltering summer days at the Bolt Hole. Except that bak then, I would do work around the property instead of going for hike.

IMG_2953On the way back, I picked up the “Aussie Kahili” in the bush. You can see it in a photo taken outside our cottage. It is actually a dried out flower of a Blackboy (Grass Tree) bush.

Back home, Elizabeth was ready to rock and roll. She was dressed in pink and looking as if she were in the pink. 🙂

“I am at about 75% strength,” she declared.

I told her what my tentative plan was – to drive to Margaret River and visit some neat places around there. Nothing too strenuous. But I told her we’d go only if she felt up to it. She was all for it. So off we went…


Our first stop the Evans & Tate winery. We took a couple of sips of a Merlot and Shiraz respectively, just so we could say we have been to a winery and took part in wine tasting. The lady behind the counter was shocked we weren’t interested in any more samples. 🙂


Then we went on to the famous Margaret River Chocolate factory. This is always been one of my favorite attractions in this area. The last time I was there was over 10 years ago. chocolate-factory

I was shocked by its size. The place was only about one-third of the size it is today. We spent over an hour there sampling various delights and buying some more to take home. They included a delicious chocolate hazelnut flowerless and gluten free cake! Just like my birthday cake.

IMG_2955 IMG_2956 IMG_2959

“Happy birthday!” Elizabeth joked as she watched me eat it, undaunted that my actual birthday is June 3. 🙂IMG_2958

Our next stop was a Margaret River cheese place. Not much sampling there, but we did wake out with a small smoked cheddar piece of cheese.

We then spent about an hour in Margaret River (town), walking up and down the main street of the town that gave name to this entire wine district which produces most of Australia’s premium wines. But we did not either buy or sample anything there.



Our last stop before heading back home was Prevelly Beach, directly opposite Margaret River on the Indian Ocean coastline. It is a famous surfing spot. The world championships surfing are held here. The world’s top 200 surfers compete against each other and the waves every March. (http://www.homeaway.com.au/…/holiday…/holiday-themes/surfing)

IMG_2969Prevelly Point beach

The legend goes that some Americans from Hawaii arrived here in the 1960s and introduced Australia to the sport of surfing. The rest is history, as they say.

Without intending to, I had my first swim in the Indian Ocean on this trip. My swim suit simply fell out of the towel as I was handing it to Elizabeth.

“That’s a sign,” I said. “I’d better get into it.”

Elizabeth held the towel while I changed right on the beach.

IMG_2973 IMG_2971 IMG_2972

The water was cold. Not quite as frigid as the California ocean in the summer, but colder that Hawaii.

“We are so spoiled in Hawaii,” I told Elizabeth. “This temperature is about half way between California and Hawaii.”

And yet when I lived here, I thought the Indian Ocean beaches were warm. 🙂


On our way back, Elizabeth declared that she was back at about 95% of her strength. So the trip actually helped to make her feel better.

Chocolate, cheese and beach… And fresh air. That’s the ticket to full recovery. Never mind medications. 🙂

Hopefully we will be both back to 100% by tomorrow.

UPDATE Feb 18: Elizabeth was back to 100% this morning and in high spirits. Me, I sneezed and sniffled for a few more days. But I still had loads of fun as did Elizabeth.



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