Was this trip to Australia all I had hoped for?

It was more, much more than that.

I never could have imagined a journey with such a variety of experiences… from the roo breakfasts and dinners in the Yangarra bush above Dunsborough, to the ethereal “Madam Butterfly” Sydney Opera House. With a myriad of other amazing experiences in between.

Roo breakfast IMG_3342 Shelly Beach 2-20-15

Only Divine travel agents could have arranged such an itinerary. All I had to do it follow my instincts.  They handled the rest; all the logistics. Including the appropriate weather for each day.

Another responsibility I had was to share it all with all you all afterward in the form of these travelogues. Such special experiences are never meant for just those taking the trip.  That would be very selfish. And our Spirit guides would not like that.

As a result of the travelogues, some of the readers have even expressed interest of moving to Australia, not just visiting this beautiful country. Others just wanted to know what it would be like to live there. And even my Australians friends seem to appreciate the stories.

“I’ve been re-reading your travelogues,” my longtime friend and a former Bolt Hole neighbor wrote to me the other day.  “There’s no doubt you know how to travel – it’s hard to find a minute that was not dedicated wholeheartedly to depositing more experiences in the bank of life.  I’m in awe of your energy and enthusiasm.”

I replied in part:

“We have been also reliving them with each story. The additional narrative and pictures sort of help cement the ‘experiences in the bank of life,’ as you so eloquently put it. We approach everything with a motto – ‘if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.’ And that includes ‘vegging out.’ You never know what you may end up harvesting while vegging out.” 🙂


At the end of all our major trips, Elizabeth and I discuss what our respective top three experiences or memories of the trip were. In this case, we did that on our last day in Sydney, Feb 26, while sipping our drinks at the Starbucks near Circular Quay.

Elizabeth’s top three experiences in AUSTRALIA:

1. “Madam Butterfly/Sydney Opera HouseIMG_3344

IMG_32252. Fremantle/River Cruise;

3. Battle of the Oceans at Cape LeeuwinIMG_3050

My top three experiences in AUSTRALIA:

1. “Madam Butterfly/Sydney Opera HouseIMG_3351

IMG_45302. Day of the Beautiful Dunsborough Beaches;

3. Battle of the Oceans at Cape Leeuwin IMG_3048


As Elizabeth and I reminisced and recapped our Australian experiences at that Circular Quay Starbucks, both of us also realized that this is probably it. This was the trip to end all trips. We are probably not going to return to Australia in this lifetime.

I never say never, but I just don’t think it is in the cards anymore.

That’s because this entire trip felt like an Epilogue, a Grand Finale, of my life in Australia.  And for Elizabeth, who had never been Down Under before, it was both the baptism and farewell all in one.

Oddly enough, I felt no sadness when I realized that. Maybe that was the whole point of this trip. To say goodbye with joy and gratitude for the experiences this amazing continent has blessed me with without expectations of encores.

That evening, on our flight back home to Hawaii, I thanked the Spirit for the privilege of being able to experience all that, and to end the Australian chapter of my life with my life partner in many lifetimes at my side. So now she knows what Australia is about, too. Firsthand.

IMG_3415 IMG_3419


And now, for those of you who may have missed some of the travelogues, here’s a Table of Contents page for the entire trip:



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