Eliz - three Hawaiian princesses 3-28-15

Our trips to Oahu are always a mixture of arts and sights. This weekend was no exception.  Except in one respect.  It rained almost all the time. Which is unusual for Honolulu, especially the Waikiki part where our hotel was.

IMG_3612 IMG_3613 IMG_3617

Nevertheless, we were able to catch some sunshine and even a lovely sunset from our hotel room.

IMG_3624 IMG_3621 IMG_3623

On Friday night, we saw an opera – “Siren Song” – in an unusual new setting – in the industrial part of Old Honolulu, close to the harbor. Undaunted, Elizabeth stole the show with her outfit and harvested many compliments, both from other attendees and the opera staff.

“Lady in Red,” I told Elizabeth, “That would be my caption for you tonight.”  And here’s why… “LADY IN RED – by Chris De Burgh.”

* * *


Oahu weekend

On Saturday, we had intended to go to the Valley of the Temples on the windward side of Oahu.  We tried to run, er.. drive, around the dark clouds that were gathering over the mountains by driving along the east coast of Oahu toward Waimanolo.  But there was no way of getting around the rain.

Eventually, we gave up that idea when we got to Kailua and returned back to Honolulu.  By that stage, there was some misting in the city, too. But it least it was not raining heavily as on the windward shore.

Kapiolani Park

The Prince Kuhio Art Festival was the principal reason for this weekend. So we were relieved to find its venue – the Kapiolani Park between the Diamondhead and Waikiki – relatively dry. Elizabeth loves those kinds of events and went to the various tents and exhibits like ducks to water.

I, on the other hand, just meandered around, taking pictures and making videos here and there. So here they are, first the photos…

IMG_3637 Miss Rodeo Hawaii IMG_3627 IMG_3630 3 Hawaiian princesses 3-28-15 IMG_3640 IMG_3639 IMG_3637 IMG_3632

After a while, I also went for a swim on the Waikiki beach, right here… It was my first ocean swim since the Day of the Beaches in WA.IMG_3642

Meanwhile, back on the Grandstand stage, several Hula groups were performing a medley of songs and dances dubbed a “journey through the islands.”  Here’s a brief video clip from that, as well as our dinner at HY’s later that evening.

* * *


Ever since our chance discovering of the HY’s steakhouse in Dec 2008, we have been coming back to it once a year to celebrate our anniversaries. Alas, this year, we did that in Western Australia where we were on Feb 14.

IMG_3643So when I made our reservation at Hy’s for Mar 28, I lied. I told them it was our anniversary. Just to keep up with the tradition, even if a few weeks late. 🙂

Anyway, we had a marvelous time there, as usual. Here are some photos. You can also see a film clip above of our waiter preparing our traditional anniversary dessert – Cherries Jubilee – and watch it go up in flames. 🙂

IMG_3647 Eliz portrait 3-28-15 IMG_3649

And now, here’s our “official” anniversary photo, taken and printed for us by the HY’s staff:Hy's dinner Mar-28-2015


Next morning, a mixture of rain and sunshine continued. Which allowed us to catch this rainbow outside our hotel window for the first time on Oahu:

IMG_3654 And then, after  a short walk on the Waikiki beach and the local small boat harbor, it was time to go back to the airport. IMG_3656

* * *

And now, here’s again the “LADY IN RED” with a rainbow (Kauai) shawl… on our new bridge (mockup).

Lady in Red on New Bridge


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