Sahara Desert 2 AZ desert

Many people think of the desert as a lifeless, desolate place. Like that Sahara scene on the left.  Those who have been to Arizona’s Sonoran desert know better.  Our desert is as colorful and full of life as any botanical garden.  Only different.  A little more prickly. 🙂

Beautiful colors are in evidence even now, late spring-early summer, when many plants are starting to “pull in their horns” (i.e., blooms) in anticipation of a scorching summer.  I was reminded of that once again today as I went for a short walk/hike around our neighborhood in North Scottsdale.

Spontaneously, I started to take pictures so I could share these magnificent sights with you.  Here are some memories I brought home with me from the walk.

IMG_3844 IMG_3846

Alas, I could not do the same with scents. This Desert Sage (above), for example, emitted an exquisite fragrance.  I could smell it from 30 ft (10m) away.  And its scent attracted thousands of little insects.

IMG_3848 IMG_3849 IMG_3857

Sometimes I gasped in awe of the beauty I encountered. Such as when seeing this red ornamental cactus (two left shots).  It was actually Elizabeth that first discovered it yesterday.

IMG_3851 Orga pipe IMG_3850 cow tongue

Or this exquisite little desert garden that a neighbor had planted in their front yard, featuring an Organ Pipe cactus, something that’s fairly rare around here. They are much more prevalent farther south in the Tucson area.


The giant Cow Tongue cactus you can see in the two right shots is just getting ready to burst into bloom. And so are the many Saguaro cacti around our neighborhood (right).

IMG_3858 IMG_3839

Even some Ocotillo (left – red flower), which normally bloom in early spring, are still dressed in their green-and-red colors. During the summer, they will turn into a parched brown and remain dormant until next spring.

IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3859

A part of my walk-hike took me through a green belt where Elizabeth likes to walk with me from time to time. And right around our home, there are actually also two golf courses. We don’t play golf but we like the sights and the scents of the fairways and greens.

Who would have guessed that the above three shots were also taken in the Arizona desert, huh?

IMG_3860 IMG_3861

Upon my return home, I also took the above two shots of some the beautiful colors right in front of our property. IMG_3854The big yellow tree is actually Palo Verde (green tree in Spanish). I propose that it be renamed Palo Armadillo (yellow tree) during the months of April-June. 🙂

By the way, in the shot on the right, taken during my walk, I am wearing my Aussie had and a “singlet,” the term our Australian friends use for a tank-top shirt.

IMG_3862 IMG_3863 IMG_3864

And that’s all she wrote from this desert walk… 🙂

Deserr in Bloom Header

Also, here’s what DESERT LOVE looks like: Lantana hugging Blue Agave and baby Pitaya cacti in our back yard – Eagle’s Nest, Scottsdale, Arizona – May 18, 2015


PS: Oh, and here’s a surprise passer-by I encountered on my walk… (not).  🙂 Yes, it was hot today, and so is she, isn’t she? Also in full bloom… 🙂

Surprise desert 5-20-15

For the sake of equality of sexes, here is an updated version of that last photo from my desert walk…

Surprise desert male female 5-20-15

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