While Elizabeth prepared a Memorial Day barbecue for her large family in the Phoenix area, this time, I decided to beg off and to the opposite – spend some calories. By the time I returned from my 3:45 min bike-hike-bike, I had lost over 5 pounds.Calvary Hill trail

The weather was not all that hot – only 79F. Which is actually unseasonably cool for a Memorial Day weekends around here, many of which I remember reaching into the 100s F.  But it is a tough 6-mile hike through the wilderness of the McDowell Mtns above Scottsdale, with a 1,600 ft elevation  difference.  So down 5.4 pounds even after drinking two bottles of water along the way (also see RETURN TO CALVARY HILL ARIZONAOCT 24, 2014).

IMG_3877 IMG_3873

On my way up the mountain, I said many prayers to commemorate this sad day as I dedicated today’s pilgrimage to the fallen soldiers and innocent civilians who perished in the wars, especially in the most brutal ones – in last few centuries.

IMG_3874 Calvary Hill 5-24-15IMG_3876

What I did not figure on was making a donation in blood. It happened just as I reached the summit of Calvary Hill Arizona. My left shin hit a sharp rock which sliced off about 2″ x 3/4″ piece of skin, and created a hefty swelling afterward.

It wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time something like this has happened on my hikes in the desert. But it was a clear message from the Spirit realm that I should bypass that summit from now on.

Ironically, I said something like that to Elizabeth last fall for a different reason, but did not follow my own instinct. And today, the Spirit reminded me of it by taking a slice of my skin off my shins. And what an appropriate place to have it happen – atop the Calvary Hill.

Since I did not have any medical supplies with me, I just pulled my camouflage pant leg down over the wound to protect it from insects as I descended down the mountain. I dressed it up when I got home, after my return bike ride.

So all is well once again. The universe is unfolding as it should. I just need to learn to OBEY my own intuitions and not make any exceptions.

IMG_3882 IMG_3886 IMG_3885

Since this is our first Memorial Day in Arizona in 7 years, I bought a small flag yesterday and mounted it above the Eagle’s Nest entrance door.

DSCN7737 (in Maui 3 yrs ago)

Memorial Day collage

We would have done the same in Maui.  And in fact, have been doing it every Memorial Day for the last 5 years. Like this one three years ago (above).

Why 5 and not all 6 years? Because last year we were in Europe at this time.

Happy Memorial Day!


IMG_3883 IMG_3885 IMG_3886

* * *

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