Today, July 4, Independence Day #239, I returned to Tom’s Thumb trail. This time, I came equipped wearing football boots with cleats.  The trail is quite steep and slippery in some places because of loose gravel.  The cleats made a world of difference (also see St Vitus Day on Tom’s Thumb trail).

This time, I made it all the way up to the saddle of McDowell Mtns, elevation 3,700 ft, roughly the same as the foot of Tom’s Thumb.  From there, I can have about 270-degree vistas. The panorama shot above depicts about a 225-degree view from the saddle.

IMG_4211 IMG_4215 IMG_4217

Along the way, I said similar prayers to those on St Vitus Day , less than  a week ago (see below).

IMG_4219 IMG_4213 IMG_4214

On my way down, however, I was surprised by a Hummingbird. It was the first time ever that I have seen a Hummingbird on this trail, and never at this elevation (about 3,500 ft).

And then I realized why. Here’s the post I had made this morning about the Fourth of July and the Hummingbirds:


Independence Day 2015. Only in words. Because we are no longer independent. We only have different oppressors now from those 239 years ago. Our new rulers have usurped our government and turned it against the American people.eagle-crest

All the while, we have had the Eagle, a symbol of freedom, as our idol, both in our crest and in our hearts. And just look where it got us.

So on this Independence Day 2015, how about we turn a new leaf, adopt a new idol, one which, like the eagle, symbolizes freedom and courage, but also beauty, grace and love: The Hummingbird.

Hummingbird US crestThe Hummingbird’s purpose in life is to travel great distances spreading love and life itself. So it stands for endurance and gentility. The Hummingbird never harms anyone. So it also stands for peace.

Would’t that be a marvelous new role model for America?

Just think of how far we could get as a nation if we were to travel around the world doing good, spreading love and life?

The sky would be the limit. No. We could go right around the universe and back.

And now, while you contemplate that, here are some Hummingbird images for this Fourth of July.

Rainbow Hummingbird 2 Hummingbird and flower Bee Hummingbird Rainbow Hummingbird 1


‘You’ll have to keep coming back and dying countless times until you also learn it was all for naught.”

Along the way, I kept saying prayers for the souls of all IMG_4213participants in the American revolution.

“You all gave your lives in pursuit of glory and honor, or for domination of one over another,” I said. “As I had also done countless times in my past lifetimes. But now those of you who have ascended know it was for naught. We were all all just actors in a play without beginning or end. Until we learn to write our own ending – in love and light not blood.”

“So I salute all those who realize that today,  And to those who are still trying to get the upper hand battling one another, I say, ‘I also pray for you to learn sooner rather than later: that you’ll have to keep coming back and dying countless times until you also learn it was all for naught’.”

* * *


Here’s what our home in Scottsdale looked like, front and back, on the Fourth of July…

During a family barbecue this afternoon, I blurted it out without thinking that this was the first time in 8 years that we had spent the Fourth in Scottsdale. Upon checking my diary and the travelogues, by golly, that was true. It has been that long. We have missed out on a lot of good old Arizona desert heat. 🙂

Flag reflection IMG_4209 IMG_4210 IMG_4208 IMG_4222

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