Aug 12, 2015 – Part 3: ALBUQUERQUE AND SEDONA

When Elizabeth and I travel, we rarely make definitive plans for each day. We only put major stakes in the ground.  In this case, the Santa Fe opera. The rest, we improvise.

So when we woke up the morning after (the opera), we had no idea where we would go next.  Before we left on this trip, I had hinted to Elizabeth we might go up to Durango and Mesa Verde again (see Mesa Verde: Playing with Windharmonic OrchestraJune 15, 2012).

“But I don’t really feel like going back there again,” I said. “Why don’t we just go to Albuquerque, see what there is to see in the Old Town, and then head back to Sedona for a pizza dinner and a hike tomorrow morning?”

Elizabeth agreed. So that’s what we did.

So here are first some pictures from the Old Town Albuquerque, one of the oldest cities in American (founded in 1706 – see the plaques).

IMG_4311 IMG_4314   IMG_4317 IMG_4318

Elizabeth tried to do some shopping at this Casa de Armijo (2nd from left) while I wondered around the square enjoying a beautiful day and learning about Albuquerque’s history.

Then Elizabeth developed a sudden craving for a Sopapilla at her favorite restaurant here – Little Anita (she used to live in Albuquerque a long time ago).

“Sopapilla and a pizza? Isn’t that bad and worse?” I thought but didn’t say anything.

You see, we both love pizzas. But since nowadays we gain weight from just looking at one, we only eat it once or twice a year at Sedona’s Oak Creek Brewery.  And that’s what we were planning to do later on this evening.

Anyway, Elizabeth enjoyed her luncheon snack and then we hit the road back west toward Flagstaff and Sedona.

On our drive from Flagstaff to Sedona, our new Honda Hybrid must have set some sort of a record.  The car dashboard registered 104.3 miles per gallon!

Of course, it was mostly downhill. But still. Not many people can boast that kind of mileage.  Except for our Leaf in Maui, of course. With a fully electric car, our mileage per gallon there is INFINITY. 🙂

Anyway, here are some photos of paintings Elizabeth wanted me to take during our walk through Tlaquapaque after that scrumptious pizza dinner.

IMG_4320 IMG_4321

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