IMG_4334 Two Coffee Pot panorama shots, taken an hour-and-a-half apart…

Aug 13, 2015 – Part 4: SEDONA & PHOENIX “HABOOB”

We did the Teapot Trail round trip in two hours, roughly between 8:50AM and 10:50AM.  When we started, the temperature was around 85F. returned to the trailhead, it was 96F. Not surprisingly, we were the only car left in the parking lot. 🙂

Elizabeth was a real trooper to have done it all the way, especially as she is not a regular hiker.

IMG_4322 IMG_4326 IMG_4325

After we got to about a half way point under the Coffee Pot, I told her we can turn around and go back anytime. I did not want her to overexert herself.

“Just say when,” I told her.

IMG_4330She never did. Not until we got to the end of the Teapot Trail, way down in the valley where it hits the Soldiers Pass trail, where I took this picture (right).

As I said, a trooper. 🙂

Maybe that’s because we were both working off a pizza from last night in Sedona. Which had been preceded by a sopapilla for Elizabeth, the day before in Albuquerque. And followed by a Belgian waffle this morning at our Sedona hotel (shared between the two of us).

 Under Guardians of Sedona 8-13-15 img_2724

The above two picture were taken at roughly the same spot on the trail nearly two years apart. My longtime Sedona friend, Heather, also an Inca shaman and I had nicknamed the magnificent mountain range you see in the background the “Guardians” (of Sedona). It is interesting to compare the big difference in light and shadows between late October and mid-August.

Under Coffee Pot 8-13-15 IMG_4333 IMG_4327

Sedona10_18_08 011On our way back, Elizabeth was up for another challenge under the Coffee Pot. During our first hike together on this trail in Oct 2008, she climbed up on the ledge below this rock formation. You can see her doing it in the right photo. So she wanted to try it again.

It was hard, but she did it. And as she usually does whenever she accomplishes something physically challenging, she raised her arms and yelled “Geronimo!”

I have no idea when she uses that particular expression. And neither does she. But that’s just what she does.  And then she slid down the big red rock with ease, practically on her butt (middle picture) above. 🙂

IMG_4335 IMG_4337

Going back was hard – for both of us.  Elizabeth was taking frequent breaks in the shade of Juniper bushes. At about 3/4-point of the trail, while sitting on a pile of rocks, she asked, “are we almost there?”

We next went to the nearby Safeway store to hydrate – a jug of milk for me; a frappuccino for Elizabeth. And then headed back home to Scottsdale, where it was 111F upon arrival! And it has stayed that way or hotter all weekend.


Phoenix 8-11-15

This is apparently what Elizabeth and I had missed while attending the “Salome” (opera) performance in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Aug 11 – a desert “Haboob.”

Haboobs are dust storms that travel across the desert like a tsunami across the ocean. Except that these are 2,000-foot high “tsunamis” engulf everything in sight.

The odd thing is – when we got back home yesterday, there was no evidence of any extra dust or wind debris around our home. It’s as if all this sand and dust had vaporized in the 111F heat.


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.04.22 PM article-2179556-143C01F6000005DC-417_964x640 Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.05.07 PM

Here’s a report about it…

VIDEO: Haboob windstorm blankets Phoenix with choking red dust

Meanwhile, this is what was happening in Tucson that same evening…

Tucson 8-11-5

Also see…



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