Well, this was a strange and beautiful day at the Rainbow Shower. Or strangely beautiful, take your pick.

IMG_4350After that beautiful sunset that welcomed me home last night despite the forecasts of terrible stormy weather, I woke up this morning around 4AM. Jet lag. Should have taken one of those Tylenol Blue pills last night.

Anyway, by 4:30, I gave up and got up.


IMG_4366Soon after sunrise, I went out to do my Rainbow Shower rounds.  A beautiful clear mountain and ocean view welcomed me to the west (left). It’s virtually the same view as that gorgeous sunset. Only in daylight.

Elsewhere, I was amazed at the growth of the trees and bushes in less than four months since we left Maui.

IMG_4353 rainbow-shower-9-09-13

Take a look at this Rainbow Shower tree, for example. This is the tree that gave the name to our property (above). I swear, to me, it looks like its crown has doubled in size since two years ago!


Or this view from my office window. What view, right? The plants have taken over and obscured everything. Well, you can always enjoy an aerial view of the Lower Rainbow Shower showing on my computer screen. 🙂

And then on the slopes of our front lawn, Graziella trees had completely taken over and obliterated the bamboos we planted as a privacy fence 2,5 years ago.  You can see them hear after I had cut a few low-hanging branched during my morning rounds.  This is also where our coconut palm is brimming with fruit. What you see here will probably fill up a couple of pickup trucks. No kidding.

IMG_4352 IMG_4365 IMG_4360

By the way, hold this spot for a battleground that is to take place here later this afternoon. 🙂

IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4386 IMG_4388

I also found this gorgeous orchid in full bloom outside of Elizabeth’s studio.  This is its 3rd incarnation. When we left for Arizona 3.5 months ago, it looked like it was dead.

There were also bamboo shoots everywhere. Like this one above that tried to sneak in between the sugar cane and the Heliconia bushes outside our kitchen window.

After that, I went out to  run my many errands in Kahului, our nearest “big” town.  After I got back home, I crashed. For a quick nap.


I was awakened by the familiar sound of a rushing creek. I have heard this sound many times before. Typically during the night after a big storm.

I looked outside. No storm. The weather was sunny and dry.

“What the heck?” I thought.

So I went down to the gulch to explore.


There was no doubt about it. Our “seasonal” creek, which has become a permanent stream this year, was gushing again. On a sunny and dry afternoon!IMG_4374

“Someone somewhere up the mountain must have got a shitload full of rain,” I thought as I whipped out my iPhone to make a quick video of yet another Rainbow Shower flash flood of 2015.

FLASH FLOOD ON SUNNY & DRY DAY – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – Aug 25, 2015

* * *

Never ever has the creek been running this late in the summer. Never ever have we had such flash floods. Not even when several hurricanes grazed our island in the last two years.


By the time I got back up to the house, some clouds had come over. Still no rain.  And the temps were over 90F in the house. But better than baking in the bright sunlight. So I thought it might be a good time to start some of my heavy duty chainsaw work.

My chainsaw has not been used for a long time. So it kept dying on me. I wasted more energy on trying to restart it than on actually cutting trees.

Because the Graziella trees are on a steep slope, I hat to stretch out on my tippy-toes to reach some of the branches I needed to cut. And so after I had cut a particularly difficult one to reach, I relaxed and let my arms drop down.

Alas, the chainsaw was still running. And it cut about a 3.5-inch gash right across my left knee.

Of course, I folded my tent and stopped the chainsaw work. I went inside to clean and disinfect my wound.  Realizing it would take quite a few stitches to close it, I then had a shower before driving to the emergency of the Kula Hospital.

IMG_4383 IMG_4385

It is a 16-mile, half hour drive. But a beautiful one.  I enjoyed every minute of it even if in pain.


Unfortunately, it was not my first time to end up in the emergency of the Kula hospital. Last year, I ended up there on our last day in Maui for a similar reason (not a chainsaw, but another nasty cut).

The final silver lining to this amazingly both strange and beautiful day is that I made friends with both the doctor and the nurse at the Kula hospital.

It turns out the doctor is one of my neighbors.  He is a surfer who has patched up many of the world’s foremost professionals in this  exhilarating and dangerous sport.

And the nurse, well, she is something else.  An African American nomad who moves from city to city every six months or so.

Her next destination? New York City.

“I think that’s a great lifestyle,” I told her. “I suspect you are single? Because I cannot imagine a male who would be willing to tag along behind you during all these moves.”

She laughed.

“Yes, I am single. But I wouldn’t mind settling down in one city if I meet right guy.”

Good luck, J.O.! (her initials)

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