AHA 9-12-15


I live in the Land of Rainbows (Hawaii).  My property is called the Rainbow Shower. During the last seven years or so, I have seen dozens, if not hundreds of rainbows. But I have never, ever seen one as magical, as big, as bright, as beautiful or as long-lasting as the one that popped up out of nowhere at sunset this evening.

And I couldn’t help but feel that the spirit realm had created it – just for me, the Rainbow Giver. Certainly none of my neighbors seemed aware of the rainbows. They were all probably hunkered down in their homes, preparing or eating dinner. There was not a soul around me.

Why would my Spirit guides lay on a celestial show like this? Because on my drive home this evening from town, I was thinking how we have really had very little rain and few rainbows since I got back on Aug 24.

My guides and teachers in the Spirit realm must have tuned in. Because I sensed the rainbow coming before it had actually formed. I had just sat down ready to enjoy my drink on the lanai and watch the sunset as I usually do, when this “rainbow urge” welled up.

Rainbow Start 9-12-15 5-15PM Rainbow End 9012015 6-10PM

So I ran like crazy down and then up the 80-ft gulch elevation so I would be ready to see it from the Eucalyptus Hill, opposite our Rainbow Shower home.


It was not the first time something like this has happened. In fact, there were times I would go over to the Eucalyptus Hill after sensing a rainbow coming, and start to play my flute, calling it. And then it would come. I even recorded the “music of rainbows” three years ago (see this video… Mozart Concerto #21: Music of Rainbows).

But this evening’s double rainbow was without a doubt the most splendiferous – ever!

Over time, I will write a full story about it. I even made a couple of video clips For now, I just want to share these photos with you. Of course, these iPhone pictures don’t do it justice.

If you can somehow imagine them to be 10 times more vivid, you might discern the experience I went through tonight. And why my eyes were watering while the fine mist of this celestial blessing enveloped my face and the whole body.

You see, it never actually rained! Just the fine mist we, shamans, received as blessings from the Apus (Andean mountain spirits) on my past pilgrimages in Peru.

IMG_4571 IMG_4572

It was a magical ending to this day, Sept 12, 2015.

September 13, 2015
Based on Mozart Piano Concerto #21
Also included comments by by Three Light Beings from another galaxy on SPIRITUAL MEANING OF RAINBOWS
Magical Music of Rainbows – based on Mozart Piano Concerto #21 – Sept 13, 2015 – a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – including a commentary about the spiritual meaning of rainbows by Three Light Beings from another galaxy channeled by Earl Backman in 2012 – also, images and videos of rainbows filmed “live” on Sept 12, 2015 at the Rainbow Shower in Maui, Hawaii

* * *




This was the day the sun stayed away most of the time from the Rainbow Shower. Rain, torrential at times, gentle for the most part, dominated the weather scene. The result was cooler air and  a welcome break from the heavy, humid heat that prevailed most of the summer over Maui.

This afternoon, I used the opportunity to do little procreation at the Rainbow Shower.  I transplanted three kinds of native plants to fill in the gaps in a natural green Panyx fence line I had my landscaper do in late May, while we were in Arizona.

When I returned three weeks ago, there were still a few small gaps in places where the original Panyx plants didn’t make it. Nothing unusual. Par for the course.  A 90% survival rate is good. No, strike good. Ninety percent or higher is great!

Because it was raining so hard most of the day, there was no way I could take the seedlings and tools down into the gulch in El Jeepo, as I would have done on a sunny day. So I loaded up what I could in a wheelbarrow, and pushed it down some 80 vertical feet of elevation difference that our Orchard Rd traverses.

It brought back memories of our early days at the Rainbow Shower, before I had a Jeep and the wheelbarrow was my main means of transportation up and down from the gulch. 🙂

It was fun working in the driving rain.  It always feels good to get some mud under one’s fingernails. I did not use any gloves, of course. What would be the point in the rain and mud?

Anyway, here’s the result of my procreation efforts…


IMG_4586IMG_4587 IMG_4588


IMG_4589 IMG_4590

It was only after I was done that I counted the plants I had transplanted. As it turns out, it was a perfect triple five’s effort: 5 new red T-plants, 5 new Panyx, 5 new Crotons.

And what does 5+5+5 number mean numerologically? It is an Angel Number, it turns out. Here’s a thought on that from…


Number 555 is comprised of the number 5 appearing tripled, making 555 a powerful number with its energies and attributes of being three-fold, amplified and reinforced.  555 carries the strong vibrations of making decisions and choices, life changes and new opportunities, adventure, curiosity, challenges, idealism and act

Angel Number 555 tells of significant and necessary changes happening in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided.  These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine life purpose and soul mission.

* * *


Sept 21, 2015

Notice how much bigger, greener and more lush both the Rainbow Shower tree and the bushes are? And that’s after I pruned the tree quite aggressively two weeks ago. Just another example of the plant world loving this “global warming” period we are in.

Rainbow Shower tree 2012-2015

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